Your dogs can also go sightseeing in Saint-Quentin


The tourist office of Saint-Quentin organized, Wednesday April 6, a Toutou party, to formalize the entry of the city in the Toutourisme club. While the masters discover the city’s heritage, from the Champs-Élysées to the Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, their faithful companions rejoice in this unexpected stroll. ”
Ve know the Champs-Élysées as a place to walk, but it is also an interesting place. They come to us from Napoleon

“says Marjorie Richard. That’s for humans. Because at our feet, Pyrenees, Griotte, Kyoto, Hinata and Sisco listen to many other noises than the voice of our guide of the day. Pedestrians, cars nearby, the wind in the branches. They get to know each other and are only waiting for one thing: for the ride to resume.

It was the first time that Marjorie Richard did not speak only to humans. ”
I tried to show what I like to see. I had to adapt my comments to what we could see and to the behavior of the dogs: listening, and paying attention at the same time.

This is a great initiative that should be extended
believes Nathalie Jacob, Saint-Quentinoise for just two months. It feels good to share good times. Morello is a herding dog and these dogs are like us, they need a bond. I broke down!

A bowl of water at the entrance to the tourist office

In Péronne, she organized canine hikes. ”
Here, there is something to stay and eat with your animal. Friends came with their dog, they ate at the Café de l’univers and received a great welcome. That’s wonderful ! »

It is not his Polish plain shepherd, lying quietly at his feet at the arrival of the ride, at the tourist office, who will say the opposite.

A small sticker, recently stuck on the door of the establishment, indicates that doggies are welcome. A bowl of water even awaits them at the entrance.

It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of requests

“, rejoices Fiona Grenon, welcomer and shop referent who has been working on the project since last year.

A sticker to be identified

The Toutou party, organized this Wednesday, officially launched Operation Toutourisme. All partners are recognizable by the sticker. ”
We currently have 32, but it is destined to increase. Animals are sometimes allowed in establishments, but people do not necessarily know where to go and where they are welcome.

This is exactly what Vanessa Feron and Guillaume Ribeiro have experienced several times, from Beauvois-en-Vermandois. ”
We’ve been doing everything with our dogs since we got them, a year and three months ago. We had never dared to come to Saint-Quentin, when there are a lot of things in place such as garbage cans and bag dispensers. Before, we never went to a restaurant, we didn’t dare. We took out and ate in the car… Now that we know that some restaurants accept, we’re going to go there more often!
Kyoto and Hinata, brother and sister, accustomed to walks in the countryside, will now also be able to enjoy the city.

These places that accept canines

Hotels :

in Saint-Quentin: Le Kyriad, Le B&B, Hotel Le Mémorial, Ibis Basilique, Le Florence, Le Première Classe

in Holnon: The Tin Pot

Gites and furnished accommodation:

in Saint-Quentin: Art Deco Spring, Residence Domitys les Papillons d’Azur, La Cotonnerie

in Caulaincourt: The Vermandois Farm

in Nauroy: The House of Swallows.

Unusual accommodations:

in Vermand: The House of Omignon.

The campsites:

in Saint-Quentin: Municipal campsite

in Homblières: Le Colvert

in Seraucourt-le-Grand: Le Vivier aux carps.

Motorhome areas:

in Saint-Quentin: Saint-Quentin service area.

in Bellicourt: Riqueval reception and service area.

Bars and restaurants:

in Saint-Quentin: Le Patio, Chez Jean, Le Rouget Noir, L’Edito, Le Golden Pub, Le Windsor, L’Artisanes Thés Cafés, Le Snack.

in Seraucourt-le-Grand: The Domaine de l’Arc-en-Ciel.

Veterinary practices accepting visiting dogs:

in Saint-Quentin: Henri-IV Selarl veterinary clinic, Mahgoum and Henry veterinary practice, Isle veterinary clinic.

What is touring?

The Toutourisme club was created in 2007 by the Troyes tourist office. Since then, 28 tourist offices have joined. Objective: to inform people who travel with their dogs about what they can do on site, the establishments that accept them… It also means welcoming them with little attentions. ”
The approach aims to integrate tourists into the local population. At the tourist office, we offer a welcome pack with the magazine 30 Million friends, sponsor of the operation, sweets, some of which come from a local partner
“, specifies Fiona Grenon, welcomer and referent shop.

A Toutou guide is also given to “tourists”. ”
It brings together all the good addresses: catering, accommodation, veterinarians who take passing customers…
» «
It is very important for us to give dog owners the opportunity to organize their stay and to have all the recommendations. We also want our destination to be pleasant and clean
adds the president of the tourist office, Alexis Grandin.


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