Your dear pet, rather an asset of seduction or a love breakup factor?

Whether you have a dog or a cat, your little fur ball could serve you well. But it would also be much more important in relationships. Can your animal really help you seduce? Or on the contrary, lead to a rupture? We cover the subject here.

Dog or cat, your four-legged animal would have a significant impact in the game of seduction… but also in your relationships.

According to an exclusive survey conducted by Ifop for Vetocanis, a laboratory specializing in the hygiene of dogs and cats, the unequal distribution of tasks between men and women within the home even extends to the needs of our companions.

Whether it’s for appointments with the vet, daily cleaning, buying food or even for walks… 81% of women say they do more than their male partner. Conversely, men declare that they are 64% to do more than their spouse.

If the French are eternal pet lovers, the affection shared within couples for their hairball does not seem proportional to the level of the tasks carried out, and can sometimes lead to many arguments… if not breakups.

The animal, asset of seduction…

Even before formalizing with the loved one, the animal also proves to be a real asset of seduction. 23% of the 1,011 French people questioned admit having already used their pet to please.

Even if your animal does not guarantee you to conclude, it will certainly be able to increase your chances. A rather effective technique: 22% of French people (almost a quarter of respondents) say they are more attracted to a person with an animal. Conversely, 31% say they are also attracted to another animal owner.

A technique even more used among 18-24 year olds who recognize 43% have already used their doggie or tomcat to attract.

The study also shows that women (26%) tend to be more sensitive than men (18%) to owning a pet. The opportunity to consider a short walk in the park for singles.

which can help you to conclude…

Did you manage to conclude? Your charm may have helped you… but so has your pet. In 17% In some cases, it could be that your other half started a relationship with you out of interest in your hairball, whether this motive played a decisive (3%), important (5%) or secondary (9%) role.

And this percentage even increases up to 25% for young people under 35, including 5% for whom the presence of an animal played a decisive role, 8% an important role and 12% a secondary role.

… but also be a disruptive factor

If pets help seduction, they are also reasons for rupture. Whether it is because of a bad relationship with your animal (15%) or an unfair distribution of tasks over the long term (10%), respondents declare on average 16% that the responsibility of the animals played a role in their romantic separation.

The 18-24 year olds are again the age group most affected by this phenomenon: they are 35% to indicate having ended a romance because of incompatibility of mood between their partner and their animal reveals Vetocanis.

And this same study also shows that women are generally more affected (35%) than men (27%) by such disputes. Logical when you know that they are most often in charge of pets.

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