What are the best kibbles for overweight dogs in 2022?

Overweight or obesity can lead to more or less serious health problems in dogs. Even if you find your little friend adorable with his chubby little body, it is important to help him regain his ideal weight!

There are many types of food for overweight dogs: some contain cereals, others are based on chicken or fish, and still others are particularly rich in fiber. Choose premium croquettes, prepared with quality ingredients. Make sure they are low carb and tailored to your dog’s needs. For example, you will find special croquettes for sterilized dogs. There are also some for nursing female dogs, puppies and senior doggies. Following your annual visit to the vet, have you just learned that your little dog has a few extra pounds? Don’t worry, just serve him an appropriate diet so that he quickly regains his ideal weight. We have written this comparison to help you choose the kibble recipe that best meets the needs of your overweight dog.


  1. The tastiest
  2. The most protein
  3. Good value for money
  4. The most complete
  5. The most palatable

Brit Care dog food, rich in L-carnitine

Low in fat, these rice and chicken dog kibbles provide highly digestible carbohydrates and animal proteins. They contain L-Carnitine, which promotes fat burning, as well as milk thistle, which has antibacterial and cleansing properties. As for salmon oil, it is excellent for supporting the good health of the skin and the shine of the coat. This dog food also includes vegetable and plant extracts, as well as MOS and FOS prebiotics that balance the intestinal flora.

Advance Veterinary Diets dog food for all breeds

These poultry croquettes have a high protein content, which helps maintain muscle mass. Their high level of L-Carnitine is also very effective in reducing fat mass. This dog food also has a high fiber content, which contributes to the feeling of satiety while balancing the intestinal flora. As for the antioxidants contained in these kibbles, they reduce oxidative stress, which limits the risk of weight gain. With this very complete dog food, your pet will receive all the nutrients it needs.

Iams Eukanuba kibbles, for large breed dogs

Rich in proteins of animal origin, these chicken croquettes stimulate the good development of the muscles. Recommended for large dogs with digestive issues, they are rich in FOS prebiotics and contain beet pulp. This dog food therefore optimizes the absorption of nutrients. In addition, its high content of calcium and glucosamine supports the functioning of the joints. The shape and texture of these croquettes also reduce the appearance of tartar and dental plaque. This dog food therefore prevents halitosis.

Purina Pro Plan dog food, to quickly regain a healthy weight

This large dog food is very complete and consists of premium ingredients: chicken, corn, wheat, rice, mineral salts and fish oil. The shape of the kibble is effective in cleaning fangs, even those on the bottom, and thus reduces the formation of tartar. This dog food contains only natural antioxidants and you will not find any added coloring. It is only 9% fat and will support the proper functioning of your pet’s entire heart system.

Royal Canin Satiety dog ​​food, enriched with nutrients

Rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, this large dog food is complete and balanced. It contains a high fiber content, which quickly leaves a feeling of satiety. The animal eats less, while receiving all the contributions it needs. In addition, these kibbles help maintain the entire bone system in good health, and strengthen the functioning of the joints. They are packaged in a 12 kg package, which preserves their aromas as well as their nutrients. It also has easy opening and hermetic closing systems.

When can a dog be considered overweight?

Whatever your dog’s breed, it will be considered overweight as soon as it exceeds its ideal weight by 15 to 20%. You can easily see this: if your animal’s body gradually takes on a pear shape, with sides that are no longer hollowed out, it is becoming too big.

If you can no longer feel his ribs or his spine when you pet him, that should also give you a clue.

Of course, some dogs are more prone to obesity than others. For example, the Shetland Sheepdog is a very greedy little dog that gets fat easily. This is also the case with sterilized animals, which generally begin to gain weight after their operation.

Dogs that eat an unbalanced diet and do little exercise are also likely to be overweight.

What if my dog ​​is obese or overweight?

It is important not to reduce the amount of food: this could cause serious deficiencies in your dog’s body. On the other hand, it is essential to change the type of food. Opt for special food for obese dogs, low in carbohydrates and calories and high in fiber. It is also important to respect fixed times for serving meals.

You also need to stimulate your dog to get him to exercise again. Without this, regaining his ideal weight will be very difficult for him. Even if he does not want to move at first, he will feel better and better as the days go by and will find the pleasure of playing again.

How do I prevent my dog ​​from being obese or overweight?

To prevent your dog from gaining weight, you must offer him a very healthy lifestyle. Opt for a quality diet, well balanced and adapted to his needs (sterilized or not, puppy, senior, etc.). Do not give him treats or candies, unless they are premium treats, neither too sweet nor too high in fat.

It is also important that your dog gets regular exercise. Take him for a walk every day and play with him often.

Also have your dog seen by a veterinarian, even if he seems to be in excellent health. It is advisable to do at least one annual check-up.

In any case, pay close attention to the weight of your doggie. Weigh him regularly and pet him to make sure you feel his ribs. Good to know, most veterinary clinics offer a self-service scale.

What food to make a dog lose weight?

It’s official, is your dog overweight? Don’t worry, if you scrupulously respect the diet prescribed by your veterinarian, your pooch will quickly regain his ideal weight.

It is important to reduce the calories in your dog’s diet. If the animal ingests too many calories and does not do enough sport, it automatically gets fat. In addition, get into the habit of weighing the quantities you give him at each meal: the measuring cups are not always precise enough.

Stop giving him the bottoms of your plates and say goodbye to the little daily treats.

In addition, you must opt ​​for a diet with a low carbohydrate content, but with a high fiber rate. It is the ideal composition to gradually reduce the fat mass, while preserving the musculature.

You can also opt for wet food, which allows the dog to reach satiety quickly, while limiting its energy intake.

What are the risks associated with obesity in dogs?

Obesity in dogs can cause several disorders and diseases, more or less dangerous for the animal. This is why it is important to have your dog monitored by a veterinarian: the health professional will be able to easily detect any weight problem and will quickly put in place an appropriate treatment.

An obese dog can suffer from respiratory and heart problems. He can also develop diabetes and certain cardiovascular diseases. In addition, overweight dogs see their immune system diminish: they are more susceptible to infections and diseases.

As they are heavier, their joints work harder and are damaged more quickly. Large dogs can therefore develop osteoarticular diseases such as arthritis. Finally, they are also likely to suffer from urinary disorders (kidney disease, stones, etc.)

In addition, obese dogs exercise less and less as they become short of breath and have joint pain. So they get bigger and bigger. It’s a vicious circle that gradually reduces their life expectancy.

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