Top-of-the-range dog or cat insurance: why choose it?

Top-of-the-range dog or cat insurance: why choose it?

In terms of health insurance for cats and dogs, a distinction is generally made between the categories of basic, intermediate and high-end formulas, which evolve towards higher protection and a higher cost in terms of contributions.

High-end insurance is the most covering formula. While its cost often puts pet owners off, it offers an unparalleled level of protection and undeniable advantages. Let’s take a look at this particularly interesting type of contract.

Health insurance for dogs or cats: what are the different existing formulas?

In terms of health insurance for animals, each insurance company is free to offer the services, guarantees and rates of its choice. Nevertheless, we distinguish among most brands three main categories of formulas.

  • The basic formula : this economical formula is the least covering. It only protects the animal in the event of illness and/or accident, up to 50% to 70% only. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being inexpensive for its owner, since it takes between 5 euros and 15 euros of monthly contribution.
  • The comfort formula : this intermediate formula is a good compromise since it covers more care with a reimbursement rate of between 60% and 90%. Its price is generally reasonable with regard to the coverage offered, around 12 euros to 35 euros on average per month.
  • The premium formula : this high-end formula is the most protective. Almost complete, it covers most of the care that a dog or cat may require, with a reimbursement rate that varies between 80% and 100%. On the other hand, its price is higher, since it is usually between 30 euros and more than 80 euros per month.

The owner who wishes to insure his dog or his cat can opt for one of these ranges of formulas. He must then pay the corresponding contributions, at the rate of monthly installments or deductions in most cases, but also sometimes quarterly or annually.

When the insured animal undergoes veterinary care, its master pays the due invoice and has the practitioner complete a care sheet which he then sends to his insurer with the detailed invoice. He then receives, within a more or less long period, the reimbursement due to him, according to the reimbursement rate provided for the care covered by the contract taken out.

Other criteria may be added to the procedure. Indeed, according to the contracts, the owner may be forced to pay a deductible, deducted from the first treatment or from each request for reimbursement, which is an amount remaining at his expense. He may be subject to an annual reimbursement ceiling, an amount beyond which his insurer will no longer reimburse until the following year. Finally, a more or less significant waiting period may be applied, during which the owner begins to pay his contributions, but without the animal being covered yet.

Health insurance for dogs or cats: what does a top-of-the-range formula cover?

The owner of a dog or a cat who wishes to insure it to protect his health can opt for a top-of-the-range formula, the solution with the best coverage for his little companion. Indeed, such insurance has many advantages.

Here are the main ones:

  • the animal benefits from extensive protection in terms of veterinary care, accident emergencies, care in the event of chronic illness, pre-operative and post-operative examinations, imaging examinations, laboratory analyses, acts of surgery, hospitalization;
  • preventive acts (vaccination, health check, antiparasitic, therapeutic feeding, castration, sterilization, etc.) are covered by means of a minimum annual flat rate of 100 euros;
  • the guarantees of cover generally do not evolve according to the advance in age of the cat;
  • payment of veterinary costs is generally 90% to 100%;
  • the annual reimbursement ceiling is higher than the other formulas and reaches at least 2,500 euros;
  • the deductible is limited or even non-existent;
  • the waiting period is shortened or non-existent;
  • application fees are low or non-existent;
  • reimbursements are quick and generally made within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the care sheets;
  • the services are generally accessible permanently, 7/7 and 24/24.

Depending on the insurance companies, many other advantages are possible for the insured animal and its owner.

How much does premium dog or cat insurance cost?

It is difficult to precisely quantify the price of high-end insurance for dogs or cats. Indeed, the calculation of the contribution to be paid depends on the species of the protected animal, its breed, its age, its sex and any desired options. Anyway, a high-end formula is significantly more expensive than basic and intermediate contracts.

Nevertheless, it is possible to give an idea of ​​the price of such quality assurance. It takes at least 30 euros for a basic top-of-the-range formula, for a healthy cat and up to more than 80 euros for a large dog or a giant breed, for example.

Certainly, the amount of the contribution can make many pet owners hesitate. However, veterinary costs are particularly high, because they are freely set in France and practitioners are subject to a large number of additional costs that they must cover. In addition, significant variations are observable depending on the regions, clinics or even veterinarians. Be that as it may, an animal with an accident or suffering from a serious illness or requiring heavy treatment will need very expensive care, which can very quickly exceed 1,000 euros to 2,000 euros. Considering the amount of the contribution, the gain is much higher.

Top-of-the-range dog or cat insurance: why and how to choose it?

Buying high-end dog or cat insurance: why is it the right choice?

The cost of a high-end formula leads many dog ​​and cat owners to opt for an intermediate offer. It is indeed quite understandable that the payment of such a contribution can slow down or make hesitate some masters concerned about the health of their little companion. However, as we have seen, the cost of the contribution is clearly offset by the high prices that veterinary care can very quickly reach. As soon as they go beyond the classic framework of acts on a healthy animal, the amount of the invoice can very quickly fly away.

In addition, the scope of care covered is also much greater. Remember that the reimbursement rate provided for by the health insurance contract taken out is not applied to the total amount of the invoice, but only to the costs related to the care covered. However, the top-of-the-range formula remains the one that covers the most benefits. In addition, it provides interesting coverage in terms of preventive care, expensive procedures and products that are rarely covered or for derisory amounts by the other levels of protection.

Finally, by subscribing to such an insurance contract, the owner of the insured animal no longer hesitates to consult. It has been proven that cats and dogs covered by this type of benefit benefit from better care and that their health is better preserved. Their master thus goes more serenely to the veterinarian at the slightest suspicious symptom since he knows that he will be able to benefit from better care. However, the rapid care of an animal and the early diagnosis of a disease make it possible to set up an appropriate care protocol very early on. This immediate action makes it possible to relieve the suffering cat or dog more quickly, to administer treatments that are generally lighter and less expensive, but also and above all to increase their chances of recovery and/or survival.

How to choose high-end dog or cat health insurance?

To find the formula that suits you, the easiest way is to use an online pet health insurance comparator. It is a free, non-binding, fast and very powerful tool that allows you to receive several offers that meet your needs and the profile of your little companion in just a few moments. All you have to do is compare the quotes in order to choose the formula that offers the best quality/price ratio. You will save a lot of time and money!

Of course, be sure to compare offers with equal guarantees. Do not hesitate to study the tariffs, the services, the treatments covered, the reimbursement rate and elements such as the deductible, the annual reimbursement ceiling, the waiting period, the terms of exclusion, the age conditions. animal, etc. Finally, play the competition by relying on the quotes of other companies in order to earn a few more euros or some advantages on the targeted formula!

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