Top 15 Big Cat Breeds

Maine Coon, Bengal, Norwegian… Today, the editorial team has decided to take a close look at the breeds of big cats.

Ah the cats… These mysterious animals who have melted the hearts of their masters since the dawn of time. In France, this hair ball enjoys huge popularity and occupies more than 14 million households. It must be said that these quadrupeds are easy goingalthough some of them are larger than others.

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Indeed, there are breeds of domestic cats whose weight or size have nothing to envy to wild felines. Without further ado, discover our TOP 15 big cat breeds.

The Maine Coon

Omar aka the fattest cat in the world. Credit: Coppel/Newspix/Shutters/SIPA

Majestic, mysterious, elegant… The maine coon enjoys a huge popularity in France. This feline has a dream physique: silky long hair, a harmonious head carriage and a muscular body. You may not know it, but the Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds.

Indeed, it can measure up to 120cm in length and until 40 cm at the withers. This ball of fur weighs on average between 4kg to 9kg. This big cat is the ideal companion for the whole family and its gargantuan measurements do not prevent him fromadapt to life in apartment.

You may not know it, but the biggest cat in the world his name is Omar! This maine coon with red coat measures 1m20 and weighs more than 15 kg!

The Savannah

Like the Maine Coon, the Savannah does not go unnoticed as it is magnificent. This race of cat comes from a crossing between the Serval (wild animal) and a cat domestic. This felid has a spotted fur. He is recognizable by his muscled body and in his eyes almond shape.

The weight of an adult Savannah ranges from 7 to 9 kgwhile its size can reach 40cm in height. Depending on its classification, this fat cat can show affectionate towards his master. This quadruped is known to be a great athlete who loves to explore the world around him. Therefore, the Savannah is not made for living in an apartment. This animal is particularly fond of big spaceswhere he can stretch his legs.

The Norwegian

This plush on legs, also known as “norwegian forest cat“, is chewable. The Norwegian belongs to the category of cats with medium-length hair. It can measure up to 38cm at the withers. Its weight fluctuates between 5 and 8 kg.

This feline likes the company of humans and that of his fellows. You will have understood it, the Norwegian is an animal sociable. It is also a concentrate of kindness and sweetness. His favorite pastime? The chase ! It is for this reason that the Norwegian needs to evolve in a place close to nature. But he can also adapt to living in an apartment, provided he is stimulated.

The Ragdoll

This cat has a collar around its neck. Credit: Illustrative Image

The Ragdoll (rag doll in English) is a large cat with white coat. It belongs to the category of cats with a big size. Her cut can reach a meter in length and its weight fluctuates between 3 and 9 kg. This apartment cat is recognizable by collar around neck.

This ball of fur caused a sensation in France because of his docile nature. Indeed, the ragdoll is renowned for its loyalty and his kindness. This quadruped is a real pot of glue that cannot do without the presence of his master. You will have understood it, the Ragdoll hated the solitude ! This feline is very cuddly and tender towards humans, especially children.

Luckily, this quadruped has a solid healthbut can develop two diseases : HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and PKD (polycystic kidney disease).

The Highlander Lynx

the Highlandr is a cat breed which was created in 2004, United States. This large domestic cat is a mix between a Jungle Curls and one desert lynx. He is easily recognizable by his pointy ears and curved, as well as to its coat tiger dotted with fur red or golden. Another characteristic: this feline has polydactyl pawsa malformation caused by a genetic mutation.

On the physical side, the Highlander consists of a solid and massive body. Its weight can reach 9kg and its size 40cm. At home, this hair ball behaves like a…dog ! Indeed, this quadruped love them games of all kinds. His favorite activity? Fetch and fetch the ball.

The British Shorthair

the British Shorthair was spoiled by Mother Nature: this cat cute as hell sports a fluffy dress and a boil to chew. His curveshis eyes and his tail do not go unnoticed and do melt the heart of its masters.

Endowed with a balanced temperament, the British Shorthair is thepet par excellence. This plush is attached to his favorite human. However, this feline needs its independence to flourish. He loves to explore garden or parts of a apartment.

The Chausie

The Chausie is a hybrid breed. Credit: Shutterstock

Its name may mean nothing to you, but the Chausie is becoming increasingly popular. This breed hybridand is the result of a cross between a domestic pussy and one swamp cat (Egypt). This furry quadruped black or brown weighs on average between 7 and 11 kg and can measure up to 50 cm length.

the Chausie is equipped with a character playful and mischievous. This furry ball likes to be in the cbetween attention. This gentle giant can’t stand loneliness and constantly asks foraffection of his surroundings. In other words, its owner must free up time for him. This cat breed not suitable for beginner masters.

The Ragamuffin

No, the Ragamuffin is not the title of a reggae album. This relatively unknown breed of cat has its origins in the United States. This large tomcat with semi-long hair can weigh up to 9kg and measure between 22 and 25cm. The Ragamuffin is the ideal companion for the whole family ! Indeed, this quadruped is a cocktail of kindness and of tenderness.

Important point: the power supply of the Ragamuffin should consist of balanced portions. The reason ? Reduce the risk of a overweight. Indeed, this feline does not feel the need to stretch The paws !

The Turk of Van

This ancient cat breed has its origins in Turkey. This cat has a magnificent White dress and his ears are usually redheads. the Turkish Van is recognizable by its blue eyes Where minnows. This feature highlights its mysterious look.

the male can weigh up to nine kilograms, while the weight of the female is around 4.5 kg. At home, this domestic cat likes the solitary life, but loves the cuddles and others cajoling. The Turk of Van is a outstanding swimmer and the presence of other animals does not bother him. You will understand, this cat is easy to live.

Warning: this quadruped has a Iron healthbut may develop a heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Therefore, the veterinary advice are welcome.


The Bengal is a mysterious cat. Photo credit: Shutterstock

We don’t present it anymore! It must be said that the bengal is a real model who attracts all eyes on him. It was in 1963 that the first Bengal kitten was born, resulting from the cross between a vsasian leopard hat and one domestic cat.

This cat has a short thick spotted coat recognizable among a thousand. His body musclehis head carriage elegant, and face slightly elongated highlight its legendary beauty. This ” cat is renowned for his kindness and tenderness.

Indeed, the Bengal is a cat who tends to to develop a relationship partner in crime with his master. As a sportsman, Bengal needs a large garden to be able to spend as he pleases. This animal is also endowed with a large intelligence.

The Selkirk Rex

Recognizable by its curly coat and fluffythe selkirk rex stands out from other breeds. This domestic cat (originally from United States) is renowned for its legendary calme. Like Master Yoda in Star Warsthis cat is the embodiment of quiet strength.

In addition to this characteristic, this tomcat is very curious and his intelligence impresses his masters. Affectionate, the selkirk rex is – without a shadow of a doubt – the ideal companion for the whole family. As an adult, his weight oscillates between 5 kg to 7 kg.

The Siberian

The Siberian looks like a big stuffed animal. Credit: Shutterstock

As its name suggests, the Siberian is from Russia. It has extremely dense and silky mid-length fur. And the least we can say is that cat sharing of physical traits with the maine coon. This plush is very attached to its master and showed a lot of tenderness towards him.

Renowned for his calm character, the Siberian nevertheless remains a formidable hunter. This furry ball loves to explore the world who adores him wherever he can hunt its prey.

The Pixie-Bob

Cuteness alert! With its loving face and its woolly fur, the Pixie Bob may melt your heart. This life-size kitten is a hugging machine ! Indeed, this pet is very tender and gentle. He loves receiving caressesand from his master.

This indoor cat does not stay in place and dbursting with energy, especially with children. He can also be walked on a leash. Beware, his food must be composed of meat and fish.

The Cymric

A still unknown breed, the Cymric is a cat originating fromIsle of man. You may not know it, but this cat has no tail ! Besides this characteristic, this quadruped is a very sociableintelligent and tender.

He owns a medium-length hair and its front legs are longer short than his hind legs. This round cat is the perfect companion for the whole family. His favorite hobby? Climb everywhere, especially on the lap of his favorite human.

The Brazilian Shorthair

This cat is very rare. Credit: Shutterstock

The last place of this top is attributed to the brazilian shorthair (also known as Pelo Curto Brasileiro). This cat of average height is extremely rare. It weighs between 3 and 6 kg when fully grown. Very affectionate, this cat is also a sensitive being who needs constant reassurance.

the brazilian shorthair is hunting enthusiast and mice are part of its favorite prey. At home, he To get along with the other animals and children.

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