the first reactions after the first round

Florence Joubert, regional councillor, departmental manager of the National Rally: “I am happy that in the Dordogne, which is a land of the left, there was a kind of start and courage. It’s the return of reality. This result is also that of our local work. We tried to go into neglected areas, betrayed by the left and the right, to tow and limp. »

Dominique Gaschard, referent La République en Marche Dordogne: “Our president turns in the lead; it’s very good for us. A new campaign is starting. The debate will be clear between, on the one hand, a policy of progress and, on the other, a policy of the extreme right. But it is not won. You really have to campaign, have a real debate and put everything on the table”.

Jean-Pierre Cubertafon, MoDem MP for Nontronnais: “Given the participation of the Dordogne, one of the highest in France, I am proud of the Périgourdins. With 25%, at the national level, abstention remains contained. Although Emmanuel Macron is the winner of this first round, nothing is won. It is necessary that all the republican forces stand together against the extreme right. Marie Le Pen is not the cat lady as she wants us to believe; she remains the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front. The situation is serious. Victory is not guaranteed. We must be vigilant. Emmanuel Macron must widen his majority. 2022 is not 2017.

Jérôme Peyrat, mayor of La Roque-Gageac, political adviser to the general delegation of La République en Marche: “It’s a really encouraging first step. After months when many candidates finally hit him, Emmanuel Macron managed to climb to this second round. It is a question of making it clear that Emmanuel Macron has a realistic program for all French people, which is not based on lies and demagoguery, without stigmatizing Marine Le Pen or her voters. He cares about purchasing power and the safety of French people in this world. »

Jean-Jacques de Peretti, mayor of Sarlat, support of Emmanuel Macron: “I would never have thought that France, my country, would allow the extreme right to come to its head. But do not think that the games are done. The second round is another campaign. He presents himself well. The problem will be on this mandate because strong commitments have been made, there will be a lot of catching up to do on purchasing power, salaries, health, hospital. We really have to take care of the French in a difficult context. »

Pascale Martin, from La France insoumise, head of the 2021 regional list: “The fight continues, we are not going to be discouraged. Jean-Luc Mélenchon missed a few abstainers, people who are still angry with politics. I am very angry with the outgoing president’s score. In the second round, Emmanuel Macron will not have my vote. He’s going to finish what he started: people haven’t understood that he’s going to massacre us. For me, Macron and Le Pen, for the people, it’s the same level of seriousness. »

Nathalie Ballerand, municipal councilor in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse, departmental manager of Reconquest: “In Dordogne, we are slightly below our national result, which is rather honorable in a department very anchored on the left. But in absolute terms, it’s a huge disappointment. But we can not be dissatisfied for this first election. We have resources to move forward and build the sequel. »

Lionel Frel, Europe Ecology The Greens, municipal and community councilor in Bergerac: “We had a campaign truncated by the Covid, the Ukrainian drama and a candidate who refuses any democratic debate. »

Jacques Auzou, Mayor of Boulazac-Isle-Manoire (Communist Party) and President of Grand Périgueux: “The results reflect a political system that is running out of steam. It started in 2005 with the no vote in the referendum which was circumvented by those in power. The democratic crisis has only deepened since then. There is great anger in the country to which the government has failed to respond. The international context had little influence on the election. It’s the anger that takes precedence over the rest. »

Emeric Lavitolafirst deputy mayor of Périgueux and departmental boss of the Socialist Party: “The question I am asking myself this evening [NDLR : du 10 avril], that’s how we manage to mobilize voters in a fortnight. Fascism is upon us. It is sure that it is a very bad result, we must learn from it. We need to address voters differently, especially in historically left-wing land, knowing that people find themselves there in local elections. »

Delphine Labails, mayor of Périgueux and regional councilor (Socialist Party): “I am concerned about the results at the departmental level, even if in Périgueux, they are quite different. I am concerned because the Dordogne is a radical-socialist land, a land of Resistance, a welcoming land. The fact that the voters placed Le Pen in the lead does not corroborate the elements of solidarity that I see every day, particularly with regard to the reception of Ukrainians. The gap with this reality is brutal, violent. »

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