The distress of the owner of “Sushi”, a yorkshire killed by another dog in a park in Royat (Puy-de-Dôme)

At 79, this Clermontoise, whose family “has been from Royat-Chamalières for generations”, is independent. “I drive, I manage myself and I have all my head, despite fragile health and a difficult life that has worn me out,” she says.

But she lives alone, her son being settled in Australia and her daughter, in the Loire. In order to break this loneliness, “heavy daily”, his children therefore had the idea, eighteen months ago, to offer him a little dog. A yorkshire terrier quickly baptized Sushi by the grandchildren of the septuagenarian.

“Sushi calmed me down, allowed me to take a step back…”

“When she arrived in our family, my life changed completely, she recalls. I got up every morning for pleasure, to take care of her, I spent my days cuddling her, talking to her, she was my reason to leave my house to take daily walks, chat with passers-by… Sushi , who soothed me and allowed me to take a step back, thanks to his affection and his joie de vivre, had become my life companion for the end of my days. »

Where did “Téra” go, a pony who had been missing for four weeks in Espirat (Puy-de-Dôme)?

Accustomed to walking with her little Yorkshire in the spa park of Royat, “full of memories of [son] childhood”, the septuagenarian therefore goes there, on July 13, at the end of the afternoon, just to take advantage of “the freshness of the tall trees”. “It was always an opportunity to interact with people, to have social contact,” she explains.

However, on this national holiday eve, this simple little moment of daily happiness will turn into tragedy. Appearing out of nowhere, a hound, not muzzled and not held on a leash by the man who seems to be its owner, rushes on Sushi, catches it in its mouth, shaking it like a puppet and kills it. The attack only lasted a few seconds.

Video and photos of the attack were taken by witnesses

“A lady intervened to try to recover my dog, prisoner of the jaws of the other dog, remembers her owner. She even got kicked. But it was already too late”.

Several witnesses come to his aid, some having the reflex to take photos and a brief video of the attack, which will then make it possible to identify the owner of the attack dog. But he leaves the scene without asking for his rest and disappears with his dog, long before the arrival of a police crew. “He witnessed the whole scene, without moving, without doing anything, without even trying to control his animal. And he left as if nothing had happened, ”laments the mistress of Sushi.

Deeply shocked and upset by the brutal loss of her little companion, she was first taken by her daughter to the emergency room of the CHU Gabriel-Montpied, to undergo check-ups there. Before going, the next day, to the central police station in Clermont to file a complaint. But this one was not taken


“Under the pretext that this is a civil dispute, we let this irresponsible man continue to walk around with his dog, which is a real four-legged weapon, to act with complete impunity, without any control, without he is worried the least in the world, while he is perfectly known to the police! “, she continues, revolted.

“What are we waiting for to act? That a child is the next victim? That a tragedy occurs? That people take the law into their own hands? »

the sushi owner

Supported by her daughter, very present on a daily basis, she is now trying to turn the page. “But it’s very difficult,” she admits. I lost my reason to get up, to leave my house. I need help erasing or blurring the images spinning in my head. But I don’t know where to turn…

Christian Lefevre

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