Squirrels Could Make Monkeypox a Forever Problem

In the summer of 2003, just weeks after an outbreak of monkeypox sickened about 70 people across the Midwest, Mark Slifka visited “the super-spreader,” he told me, “who infected half of Wisconsin’s cases.” Chewy, a prairie dog, had by that point succumbed to the disease, which he’d almost certainly caught in an exotic-animal facility that … Read more

Discover 5 species of wild cats

Often larger than their domestic congeners, they are unknown to the general public. However, wild cats are present all over the world and have extraordinary physical abilities. Explanations. Whatever its origins, your cat is a mammal belonging to the order of carnivora. In this order, we find lions, tigers, lynxes, panthers, jaguars, pumas, as well … Read more