What the Data on Private Label Pet Products Reveals | Blogging

Retailers can reap many benefits from private label branding. Shutterstock What’s the one thing every pet product retailer has—or if not, should have—that no other retailer does? Exclusive brands including private labels (aka store brands) offer retailers an inimitable opportunity to stand out from the competition with affordable on-trend products not available anywhere else. Private … Read more

Marc Lore’s Mobile Ghost Kitchen Concept Sizzles — But Won’t Cook

Wonder, the latest venture from serial entrepreneur Marc Lore, supplies chef-designed meals cooked in vans parked right outside customers’ homes. The founder of Jet.com and Walmart’s WMT form e-commerce chief tells Yahoo Finance that Wonder balances the meal delivery value propositions of price, quality and speed. “The faster we deliver the food, the cheaper it … Read more