Office Cats Laid Off as Companies Close

Zhaocai is out of a job. Two months away from the office and locked down at an unfamiliar apartment, he’s withdrawn into himself, becoming more suspicious of strangers. He spends much of the day sleeping, or keeping to himself quietly. At night, he gets into bed and mewls for attention. Zhaocai is part of a … Read more

food, a real economic asset for the Normandy region

Posted on 05/12/2022 at 07:26 INVESTIGATION (4/5). In ten years, the budget devoted to cats has exploded. Accessories, food, health and comfort… There is something for everyone, for all tastes and for all budgets. Episode 4: food, a real economic windfall. The proof with La Normandise, the French leader in pouches and trays. Each year, … Read more