Well-being consultant, plus Veterinary Business Group award winners

A veterinarian who has developed a dedicated canine weight management solution, and the winners of the Veterinary Business Group awards Veterinary wellbeing consultant During her career as a clinical veterinarian, Charlotte Williamson, BVSc, had increasingly witnessed the all-too-common situation of obese pets and had become frustrated by her limited ability to effect real change for … Read more

PetWellClinic enters 8-unit deal in Louisiana

These breakthrough wellness practices will offer convenient, affordable care while providing veterinary professionals with sustainable careers and an enhanced work-life balance. PetWellClinic—an up-and-coming pet-wellness franchise—has signed an 8-unit agreement in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The unique walk-in practices will offer affordable, convenient preventative pet care including general check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment of minor ailments … Read more

Gear up for the 2022 Nationwide Pet Insurance Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

Virtual walk taking place throughout November in light of National Pet Cancer Awareness Month November marks National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. To raise awareness for the cause and help advance research in this field, the annual Nationwide Pet Cancer Awareness Walk, sponsored by Nationwide Pet Insurance, in partnership with the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF), launched … Read more

Blue Buffalo honors National Pet Cancer Awareness Month in New York City

Event hosted at the AKC Museum of the Dog featured an esteemed veterinary oncologist highlighting promising strides in the field throughout her career Sponsored by Blue Buffalo On the evening of November 2, 2022, Blue Buffalo Co, Ltd, hosted an event focused on pet cancer advancements at the prestigious American Kennel Club (AKC) Museum of … Read more

Why you should add genetic testing to your practice

As veterinarians, the life-altering power of the human-animal bond is something that we have always appreciated, and numerous recent studies have confirmed this phenomenon for the rest of the world. Ninety-five percent of pet owners now consider their pet a part of their family, and 87% of pet owners report that they have personally experienced … Read more

Apricot kernels poison Canadian puppy

Latest Toxin Tails installment details how a lucky road trip allowed pet to be saved from poisoning Melissa Martin took her golden retriever puppy, Subaru, to tag along with her on a 3-hour trip to Toronto. She lives in Dobbinton, Ontario, Canada, where she breeds dogs, and this expedition was to deliver one of the … Read more

Craig Clifford, MS, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Keynote speaker for the first day of the 2022 Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference, Craig Clifford, MS, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), shares his personal and professional achievements, plus more To kickstart the first day of the 2022 dvm360® Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC), keynote speaker Craig Clifford, MS, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), medical oncologist at BluePearl Specialty and … Read more

Zoetis debuts US launch of Solensia to manage feline OA pain

First and only FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatment for control of osteoarthritic pain in cats Zoetis Inc has announced that Solensia (frunevetmab injection) is now available to veterinary clinics nationwide. According to a company release,1 Solensia is administered as a monthly injection by a veterinarian and is proven to generally enhance cats’ mobility, comfort and well-being2 … Read more