10 of the most colorful species in the world

Birds with multicolored plumage are not confined to exotic environments, they can also be observed in France or Europe. Le Figaro offers you a list of 10 species to which nature has offered a mix of colors. A recent study, carried out jointly by the universities of Debrecen (Hungary) and Sheffield (United Kingdom), revealed that … Read more

What seeds to give birds to attract them to the garden?

Sparrows, tits, chaffinches twirl between your vegetable garden and your orchard. You want to help them by giving them food. Should they be fed all year round? What seeds can you give them? Which bird to attract according to which seeds? Our answers. A real little aerial ballet of birds takes place before your eyes … Read more

The rise of kelp & seaweed as ecological, economical & nutritional powerhouses

Seaweed and kelp are versatile, nutrient dense ingredients with a wide range of flavors, textures, colors and applications – but most of that is lost on Americans because the majority of seaweed sold here is imported dried and later reconstituted with artificial dyes. Or it is included among a laundry list of other ingredients in … Read more