Were the Americans financing, in Ukraine, a secret biological attack plan by birds, as the Russians claim? – Liberation

War between Ukraine and Russiacase The programs cited by the Russian authorities have already been the subject of several scientific articles. According to these publications, this research on migratory birds aims to monitor the evolution of the pathogens they naturally carry. Question asked by PM on May 10, 2022. Like CheckNews detailed in a previous … Read more

In Kharkiv, the reassuring discomfort of the metro, which is difficult for residents to leave

Pale complexions. Constant cold and draughts. Covers placed on the floor. Undersized toilets… However, those who had taken refuge in the Kharkiv metro to protect themselves from the Russian attack are reluctant to come out, despite the relative calm and calls from the town hall. “We call ourselves moles because we live underground,” jokes Kateryna … Read more

Skyrocketing grain prices to worsen global food insecurity, Rabobank warns

Russia’s war over Ukraine will push grain and food prices up for at least a year, Rabobank has warned, with dire outcomes for the world’s hungriest nations. Key points: Rabobank has warned higher grain prices will be felt across the world well beyond this year The real impact of Ukraine’s smaller grain exports would be … Read more