Wet Dog Food Sales Are Up | trends

Dry dog ​​food has long dominated the market, but within the past year, requests for wet dog formulas have been on the rise, according to industry insiders. Manufacturers are capitalizing on consumers’ wet food requests by adding more wholesome ingredients to their formulas, while pet specialty retailers are offering an increased, more diverse selection of … Read more

Human Food and Social Trends Are Influencing Natural Dog Food Innovations | trends

The “natural” or “all natural” designation can make searching for high-quality pet foods vastly unclear. But today’s pet owners have less concern for the “natural” label alone and are investing in more high-quality, healthy ingredients for their pets, industry insiders reported. Consumers shopping for natural products typically look for short ingredient lists, said Andrea Falcon, … Read more

5 birds to observe in your garden in summer

5 birds to observe in your garden in summer Go to slideshow (5) Between egg hatching and the start of feeding, summer is the perfect season to admire the birds. Among flowers and leafy trees, Le Figaro makes you discover 5 species of birds to contemplate in your garden. Summer heralds the end of the … Read more

Which pet to choose?

By Le Figaro Posted on 06/25/2021 at 10:38, Update on 08/31/2021 at 10:40 Which pet to choose? Go to slideshow (7) Adopting a pet is like welcoming a new member into your family. This involves many responsibilities and concepts to know. How to choose your pet? Which breed to choose? It is important to choose … Read more

how to help birds in summer?

Like humans, birds also have to overcome the high temperatures during this season. What are the solutions to give them a boost? Our answers. Their song and their elegance delight those who listen and observe them. But during heat waves, birds can have more difficulties in finding water points usual like the puddles, the gutters, … Read more