Cruise in Iceland | 10 days

Glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, mountains, black sand beaches, geysers… Go on a cruise to soak up Iceland’s most beautiful landscapes. The beginning of summer is the ideal climate to cross these spectacular settings. We offer many excursions to observe birds, visit villages, bathe in hot springs and admire the diversity of landscapes. All this, in the … Read more

Ask The Vet: What can you about pets pulling out hair? | Local

Q: My cat constantly rips out the hair on her sides to the point that she has bald spots in those areas. Is this an allergy or skin disease, and what can I do to stop her behavior? HAS: Hair pulling in cats can be due to many conditions, including medical and behavioral issues. It … Read more

Office Cats Laid Off as Companies Close

Zhaocai is out of a job. Two months away from the office and locked down at an unfamiliar apartment, he’s withdrawn into himself, becoming more suspicious of strangers. He spends much of the day sleeping, or keeping to himself quietly. At night, he gets into bed and mewls for attention. Zhaocai is part of a … Read more

four new places to sleep in nature this summer

At the foot or at the top of the massifs, four trails for an invigorating immersion. With the only luxuries, simplicity and nature in majesty. Air bubble in Morzine Around the Lac des Mines d’Or, a few minutes from the center of Morzine, Aurélie has installed one, two and then three bubbles of 18 m², … Read more

Watauga Lake campground closed because of bear activity | Living

After reports of aggressive bear activity and evidence of bears entering the campgrounds and taking food and garbage, including food that had been stored in an unoccupied tent, Carden Bluffs Campground, on the Watauga District of the Cherokee National Forest, will be closed to the public immediately. This decision is based on a recommendation from … Read more

Recycl’Horse: the new life of equestrian textiles / Equipment / Horse from A to Z / Home

Since March, an unusual van has been traveling the roads of Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France and Normandy to collect old equestrian textiles from stables. Collecting and recycling is what Laura Verdier, the founder of Recycl’Horse, and Céline Le Fur have devoted their last months to. Meet. Environmental engineer for 15 years and dressage rider, Laura Verdier wants … Read more

Ask The Vet: How to deal with animals after a fight | Local

Q: My brother brought his dog over to my house for the weekend, and he got into a tussle with my dog. They both have a few puncture wounds and scratches, but I am unsure if they need medical attention. Should I take them to get checked out? HAS: It is common to see more … Read more

Your dogs can also go sightseeing in Saint-Quentin

ANIMALS A walk organized in town, Wednesday April 6, 2022, formalized the launch of Operation Toutourisme in Saint-Quentin. Objective: to inform people who travel with their dogs about what they can do on site, the establishments that accept them… Posted on 04/10/2022 at 6:00 p.m. By Lea Cazanas The tourist office of Saint-Quentin organized, Wednesday … Read more