The ultimate holiday side dish gets an Oklahoma spin

Judy Allen For the Tulsa World Is it possible to host a holiday meal sourced with food grown or raised within 100 miles? Absolutely. Although, that meal will look drastically different depending on where you call home — no cranberries here in Oklahoma. In this week’s episode, James Watts and Grace Wood jump into the … Read more

Woman Sparks Debate After Leaving Thanksgiving Dinner After Her Sister Brought Her Dog Along

Some of us are animal lovers while some of us are not and ideally we should all get along despite our differences — even if non-animal lovers are clearly in the wrong! However, one woman’s anti-animal policy was likely justified after her Thanksgiving was ruined by her sister’s furry friend. RELATED: Woman Uninvites ‘Picky Eater’ … Read more

Phoenix Chefs Share Their Thanksgiving Meals and Traditions

While Thanksgiving dinner usually features classics like turkey, gravy, stuffing, and potatoes, not everyone does it exactly the same way. Chefs and restaurant owners, in particular, tend to put their own spin on the meal — whether it’s a fresh take on a dish, a gourmet preparation, or a nod to their cultural roots. These … Read more

I left Thanksgiving dinner abruptly because my sister brought her dog

Internet users are divided on whether or not a woman was disrespectful to her family for leaving a Thanksgiving celebration abruptly due to the presence of her sister’s dog. Reddit user One_Procedure8627 posted a note in the subreddit “Am I the A–hole” on Friday, Nov. 25, asking others for their opinions about her handling of … Read more

The Recorder – Residents from ‘every walk of life’ convene for Thanksgiving meals

Published: 11/24/2022 6:12:55 PM Modified: 11/24/2022 6:12:45 PM Acknowledging that the world can be rife with inequity and hardship, local meals program organizers did their part to ensure everyone had a Thanksgiving dinner this year. “It’s such a good feeling to be able to feed people,” said Lisa DeWitt, site coordinator for the Franklin County … Read more

How Leafcutter Ants and Other Culinary Creatures Prepare for a Feast | Smithsonian Voices

In the tropical forests of Central and South America, leafcutter ants retrieve fresh plant material that serves as the fodder for a complex suite of fungal gardens tended by the colony. Andreas Kay, Flickr Each year at Thanksgiving, humans stock the table with the fruits of a successful harvest. However, few people can prepare a … Read more

How some Indigenous chefs observe Thanksgiving — or don’t

CNN — Thanksgiving is a complicated time for Taelor Barton. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Cherokee chief is gathering with family to share a meal on the holiday, but the history of how the US has treated Native Americans hangs heavy in the air. While the conventional narrative around Thanksgiving has been one of friendship and alliance … Read more

Thanksgiving Can Be Poisonous For Pets

A Knoxville, Tennessee family almost lost their golden retriever pup, Pippa, last Thanksgiving after she consumed rising bread dough. The dog became lethargic and landed in emergency care, where veterinarians fed her ice chips to stop the dough from rising in her stomach. Eventually, Pippa passed the dough on her own, avoiding surgery. But her … Read more

Gathering again? Tips for a safe and healthy Thanksgiving

(AP) – For families who settled for smaller gatherings and remote blessings during the height of the pandemic, this Thanksgiving looks like the return of the big bash. More folks are getting together this year, with the American Automobile Association predicting holiday travel will be nearly back to prepandemic levels. If that’s the case at … Read more

A meal shared: Volunteers and recipients alike find the joy as Thanksgiving Angels event gives out holiday dinners at South Congregational Church | Local News

Volunteers distribute Thanksgiving meals during the Thanksgiving Angels food distribution. BEN GARVER — THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE Hands, feet, boxes and bags move in a blur in the food pantry at South Congregational Church. A line of cars outside snakes around the block. By the time the last one leaves the line, over 1,800 households will … Read more