7 Signs Something is Wrong With Your Dog’s Health

Because our dogs can’t talk to us, it’s up to us to know when they aren’t feeling well. It’s good to be aware of these signs and to keep them in mind so that you can quickly spot them if your dog is ever sick. This can be especially helpful if your dog is elderly … Read more

As Yulin Dog Meat Festival Begins, Activists Rescue Nearly 400 Dogs on Their Way to Slaughter

The Lychee and Dog Meat “Festival” is seat to happen in the southern Chinese city of Yulin on June 21 and coincides with the summer solstice. During the annual event, festival-goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival is a 10-days-long and first began in 2009, and thousands of dogs are reportedly consumed. As the … Read more

Weekly Top News: Mother Dog Refuses to Leave Dead Puppies Stuffed in Bag, Kitten Found with Nose and Mouth Superglued, 6,000 Sacrificial Animals Arrive at Cattle Market in Pakistan and More!

Each Friday, One Green Planet brings you the week’s top news. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this is will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you’ll find different categories of news, a synopsis of the top stories, and … Read more

The Pet Food Industry Is Rotten. It’s Time for Entrepreneurs to Step Up.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Do you know the No. 1 food allergen for dogs and cats? The answer may surprise most animal lovers. It’s beef. And the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 allergens? Chicken, eggs and milk — yup, we’re feeding our pets animal proteins that they’re allergic to … Read more

Undercover Investigation Exposes Animal Cruelty at Bravo Packing Where Cows and Horses Are Slaughtered for Pet Food

A cow, too sick or injured to stand, is delivered to Bravo Packing. From the moment the truck backs up to the facility door, she is forced to endure 10 minutes of torture while several botched attempts are made to stun her. During this time, she is dragged roughly by a metal chain from the … Read more

10 Signs Something is Wrong With Your Cat’s Health

If you are worried about your cat’s health or feel like they aren’t being themselves, this article might prove useful. Familiarizing yourself with these signs is important since cats are private creatures and are good at hiding any discomfort. When in doubt, however, take your cat to the vet. Sometimes every second can count for … Read more

N&E Innovations targets China, Middle East with durian-husk wet wipes

N&E Innovations’s latest offering is a unique wet wipe made of specific parts extracted from ground durian husk. The soaking agent is made with the firm’s proprietary Vi Kang 99 technology that can inactivate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria. Founder of N&E Innovations, Didi Gan, said: “Do you know how many durians Singaporeans … Read more

10 Best Toys For Your Cat’s Mental and Physical Wellness

Cats have a reputation for being lazy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like all animals, they need some kind of motivation and stimulation to stay active, yet their humans often provide very little for them to do or be excited about, especially if they’re indoor cats. That’s where toys come in! Here … Read more

The rise of kelp & seaweed as ecological, economical & nutritional powerhouses

Seaweed and kelp are versatile, nutrient dense ingredients with a wide range of flavors, textures, colors and applications – but most of that is lost on Americans because the majority of seaweed sold here is imported dried and later reconstituted with artificial dyes. Or it is included among a laundry list of other ingredients in … Read more