Neural pathways that cause vomiting after consuming contaminated food: Study | Health

The body’s natural defensive mechanism to get rid of bacterial toxins is the urge to vomit after eating tainted food. But the mechanism by which our brain starts this biological response after sensing the germs is still a mystery. Researchers have created a detailed neural map of the defensive responses in mice from the gut … Read more

Space Might Wreak Havoc on the Human Gut

This article was originally published by Undark Magazine. From black holes to the heat death of the universe, space poses some massive dangers for humans. But as we consider long-haul space travel, there are other, smaller potential hazards that some researchers say may deserve more attention: microbes from Earth. Astronauts face numerous known health problems … Read more

Dogs can smell when humans are stressed

There’s now scientific evidence shedding more light on dogs’ impressive skills in a long list of endearing traits: the ability to smell when you’re stressed.Dogs can smell the difference between odors from humans when they’re stressed and when they’re calm , according to a study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE. Earlier research found … Read more