Neumann helps with skin health

Sarah Neumann Name: Sarah Neumann, MMS PAC, founder of Sun City Dermatology and Ahwatukee Skin and Laser. Age: 48. Business name: Sun City Dermatology, 13843 W. Meeker Blvd, Suite 101, Sun City West; 7:30 am-3 pm (hours may vary) Monday-Friday. Visit or call 623-377-7546. Town/neighborhood: Sun City West. Personal background highlights: I was born … Read more

What Health Systems Need to Understand About Home Care, per Medically Home’s CMO

When people hear “home care,” many still think this care modality is only for elderly, multimorbid patients who require a visiting nurse to come into their home and check in on them after their discharge from a hospital. But home care is much more than that. Health systems and home care companies are working hard … Read more

Canadian partners developing new line of plant-based

Vancouver, BC, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Delicious taste, a nutritious profile, sustainably sourced and a wide variety of choices—Canadians can expect to find all of these characteristics in a new line of products developed by partners Konscious Foods, Merit Functional Foods and Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds. Konscious Foods incorporates Canadian-grown and -processed ingredients, including … Read more

Blue Buffalo Partners with Dr. Evan Antin to Educate Pet Parents on Dog Dietary Triggers

Digestive issues and skin sensitivities are among the top reasons pets visit their veterinarians Pet parents everywhere have spent much more time at home with their furry family members over the past few years and as a result, are more tuned in than ever to their unique needs, like their dietary health. Studies have shown … Read more

Children exposed to air pollution in early years more likely to develop food allergies

The modern world is highly industrialized and urbanized. One accompaniment of this change in lifestyle is the rise of food allergies. A new research paper explores associations between food allergies and pre- or post-natal exposure to pollutants in the air, thus paving the way for future studies on the potential sensitization of the gut by … Read more

Veterinarian recommended steps to ensure your pet’s health

I am often asked for a simple list of things every “pet parent” should know and do to ensure they provide the best care possible for their pets. Here are my recommendations: • Take your pet for yearly wellness exams. Our pets age more quickly than we do, so taking them for an annual exam … Read more

Types Of Cysts On Dogs And What They Mean – DodoWell

Finding a bump on your dog can be a little nerve-racking because you might immediately start wondering if it’s something you should worry about. There are many different types of lumps your pup can get, and in some cases, that lump might actually be a cyst. There are several types of cysts on dogs, and … Read more

The role of wastewater surveillance for monitoring monkeypox

The recent spread of the monkeypox virus (MPXV) outside its known endemic regions has led to a recent global public health crisis. In fact, on July 23, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the current MPXV outbreak to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Study: Monkeypox outbreak: Wastewater and environmental surveillance … Read more

How to deal with a younger dog’s high energy

Q: I got my dog ​​when he was a puppy. Now, he is two years old and is still completely high energy and out of control to the point where I want to give him sedatives daily to calm him down. At what age do dogs calm down, and what can I do to help … Read more