7 fan favorite moments from SEVENTEEN’s BuzzFeed puppy video

SEVENTEEN’s long-awaited puppy interview video was finally released by BuzzFeed on November 23, 2022. While not all the members of the group featured in the video, DK, Dino, Mingyu, and The8 created some wholesome moments that left their fans gushing. In the 10-minute long video, the four idols not only played with rescued puppies, but … Read more

What happened to Kirstie Jane Bennard? Tennessee mom hospitalized as toddlers are mauled to death in pitbull attack

On October 5, Tennessee mom Kirstie Jane Bennard was taken to hospital in critical condition after her toddlers were killed in a vicious pitbull attack. As per the Daily Beast, the attack took place at the victim’s Shelby County home. While authorities have stated that it is unclear what provoked the attack, the pitbulls, who … Read more