Ultraprocessed food may contribute to dementia, study says

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Eat, But Better: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you a delicious expert-backed eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. CNN — We all eat them — ultraprocessed foods such as frozen pizza and ready-to-eat meals make our busy lives much easier. Besides, they are just darn … Read more

in the Cévennes, the poisoned legacy of the mining past

From its terrace, between Saint-Félix-de-Pallières and Tornac (Gard), the hills extend to the Cévennes, majestic and soothing. In this house built by his hands, Michel Bourgeat thought he would live a peaceful retirement, with his family. On the fridge, twenty photos show the happy faces of his wife, Madeleine, and their three children, alongside the … Read more

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, risks and treatments

For several months during the summer of 2022, my dog ​​Scout vomited at 3 am nearly every day. If you have a dog, you know the sound. And each time, she gobbled up her mess before I could get to it, making a diagnosis of the cause difficult. The vet and I eventually settled on … Read more

Researchers seek lost Native American boarding school graves

GENOA, Neb. (AP) — The bodies of more than 80 Native American children are buried at the former Genoa Indian Industrial School in central Nebraska. But for decades, the location of the student cemetery has been a mystery, lost over time after the school closed in 1931 and memories faded of the once-busy campus that … Read more

Ancient viral DNA may help humans fight infections

At a Glance Researchers found that stretches of viral DNA long embedded in the human genome can produce proteins that help block infection by viruses. Further identification and study of these protective virus-based proteins could provide new insights for fighting viral infections. Nearly one-tenth of the human genome contains snippets of viral DNA left over … Read more

Passion fruit could hold the key to combating food waste and cutting plastic use

Overall, passion fruits are mainly grown to produce concentrated fruit. Commercial processing of yellow passion fruit yields 36% juice, 51% rinds and 11% seeds. The peel of the fruit is therefore a high-volume side stream of the juicing process that, today, largely goes to waste. Researchers at the University of Johannesburg believe they may have … Read more

Over 50 species previously thought to be mute make sounds, new study finds

CNN — If you listen closely, your pet turtle might just have something to say to you. A new study published in Nature Communications has identified sounds made by 53 species, many of which were previously thought to be mute. Fifty of the species were turtles, with tuataras (a kind of reptile found in New … Read more

Tracing tomatoes’ health benefits to gut microbes

Two weeks of eating a diet heavy in tomatoes increased the diversity of gut microbes and altered gut bacteria toward a more favorable profile in young pigs, researchers found. After observing these results with a short-term intervention, the research team plans to progress to similar studies in people, looking for health-related links between tomatoes in … Read more

Newest Clearwater Marine Aquarium dolphin rescued after years of human interaction caused health decline

Baby dolphin recovering from human interaction Kailey Tracy reports CLEARWATER, Fla. – The Clearwater marine Aquarium’s newest dolphin, Izzy is getting adjusted to her new home after moving on Friday. NOAA and its Texas partners rescued the dolphin from North padre Island in June after years of human interaction caused her health to decline. Izzy … Read more

Non-stick pans could be releasing millions of tiny plastic particles into your food, study finds

What are microplastics? Microplastics are pieces of plastic that measure less than 5 millimeters and these tiny particles are finding their way into our drinking water, food, and even our blood. A recent study found that those wonderfully convenient non-stick pans you’ve been using could actually be releasing thousands of microplastics and/or nanoplastics with each … Read more