Can Sporting Breed Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food?

You only have one chance to support your puppy’s development. Choose a nutrient-dense puppy food scientifically formulated for a sporting breed’s unique growth and development needs. (Photo courtesy of Eukanuba) Sporting breed puppies are bred and trained to work. As a result, they have very different nutritional needs from those of a future house dog. … Read more

How to Choose a Dog Food for Your Puppy

There is a lot more to feeding a puppy than just pouring kibble in a bowl. (Photo By: Mark Atwater) Take one look inside of a whelping box at a litter of puppies and it’s hard not to be inspired, if not in awe. Sure, they’re cute, but these pups represent something much more than … Read more

911 dispatcher earns lifesaving award after saving a puppy

Emergency dispatchers for 911 are the first people you speak to in any crisis and their job is to help get first responders to you as fast as possible. However after 18 years as a dispatcher for the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Brandi Baldwin used her quick thinking to save a puppy’s life. It … Read more