And the carbon impact of our pets is equivalent to…

In a world marked by global warming, we are increasingly vigilant about our environmental impacts. Thus, certain activities and behaviors are, rightly, increasingly singled out: air travel, use of combustion engine cars, hunting, etc. However, this vigilance suffers from blind spots: ecological impacts that are real, but that we never talk about, surely because we … Read more

How is a puppy weaned?

When is weaning done? What is the risk of weaning too early? How to take care of an orphan puppy? The answers of Dr. Chloé Lacroix, veterinarian. Weaning a puppy is an important milestone, causing upheaval in your pet’s life. When is weaning done? Weaning, by definition, corresponds to the moment when the puppy can … Read more

Personalized food for dogs and cats

From June 16 to 19, 2021, the Viva Technology fair is being held in Paris, three days of conferences and exhibitions dedicated to innovation and high-tech. Royal Canin, a company specializing in pet food, is presenting Individualis. Using algorithms and data, this service wants to offer tailor-made food for dogs and cats. Personalized kibble obtained … Read more

The Japanese dream of a city with animals

Tokyo, a place of harmony where humans and animals meet. Hard to imagine today when you know what has become one of the largest cities in the world with its 42 million inhabitants. And yet, from the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century it was really the case. Not because it was … Read more

Can a dog sleep outside in winter?

Do dogs resist the cold? Can they sleep outside the house? Are certain breeds more suitable? Our answers. Different cold tolerance. Some breeds of dogs resist winter temperatures well, especially those originating from northern countries or who have long, dense hair. Conversely, others are chilly, very sensitive to the cold: very short-haired or dwarf breeds. … Read more