Packaging innovations help wake up sleepy categories by adding fun, convenience

Other than a few flavor innovations or better-for-you ingredient-swaps, the pancake mix, ready-to-eat whipped cream and spice segments have remained largely unchanged for decades with consumers measuring out baking mix from boxes and spices from jars or large pouches that inevitably spill or puff over the counters and canisters of monochromatic, basic whipped cream that … Read more

Big 10: ‘How to …’ edition | People

Your yard’s in the running for nastiest in the neighborhood, your dog is days away from having fireworks-induced conniptions and you’re becoming increasingly concerned that the flight you booked six months ago may be among the thousands a day canceled. What to do? For tips on those topics and less-serious others, we turned to the … Read more

Letters to the Editor: June 23, 2022 | Opinion

TO THE EDITOR: The Cadyville Volunteer Fire Department put on its first ever fireworks show on June 11. This was in conjunction with our 54th Annual Field Day. This event was a tremendous success and definite crowd pleaser. First, we would like to thank our donors. Without these terrific donations this event would never have … Read more

Squirrels Could Make Monkeypox a Forever Problem

In the summer of 2003, just weeks after an outbreak of monkeypox sickened about 70 people across the Midwest, Mark Slifka visited “the super-spreader,” he told me, “who infected half of Wisconsin’s cases.” Chewy, a prairie dog, had by that point succumbed to the disease, which he’d almost certainly caught in an exotic-animal facility that … Read more

Ottawa urged to move ahead with food warning labels despite call to exempt ground meat

A worker re-stocks products in the meat section at an Atlantic Superstore grocery in Halifax on Jan. 28.Kelly Clark/The Canadian Press Health organizations are calling on Ottawa to move forward with its proposed food warning labels, expressing concerns that further debate over ground meat could delay a critical program that’s already long overdue. Since 2016, … Read more

The rise of kelp & seaweed as ecological, economical & nutritional powerhouses

Seaweed and kelp are versatile, nutrient dense ingredients with a wide range of flavors, textures, colors and applications – but most of that is lost on Americans because the majority of seaweed sold here is imported dried and later reconstituted with artificial dyes. Or it is included among a laundry list of other ingredients in … Read more