Parasite Infecting Up to 50% of People ‘Really Likes The Retina’, Scientists Say

Toxoplasma gondii is probably the most successful parasite in the world today. This microscopic creature is capable of infecting any mammal or bird, and people across all continents are infected. Once infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for life. So far, we don’t have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the body. And there … Read more

Food prices to keep rising if mooted ‘triple-dip’ La Niña creates more chaos, say experts

If it seems like your grocery bill is more expensive than ever, that’s because the price of food hasn’t been this high since the last time Australia had back-to-back La Niña weather systems a decade ago. Now there’s a chance we could be in for a rare “triple-dip” La Niña. Key points: Pantry basics have … Read more

Ocular toxoplasmosis found to be common among Australians

One in 150 Australians have retinal scars caused by the Toxoplasma parasite, according to new Flinders University analysis. Eye scan showing ocular toxoplasmosis. Image: João M. Furtado With the condition putting people at risk of further attacks of toxoplasmosis that can progressively damage the retina and lead to vision loss, experts are calling for increased … Read more