How new processing techniques have ‘great potential’ to make food more sustainable

Global food waste figures are well publicized: around one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and the US. One way food waste can be reduced, particularly in developed countries, is by limiting the … Read more

Quality in demand | MEAT+POULTRY

Hertzog Meat Co. in Butler, Mo., does not lack in business opportunity when it comes to ground beef. In fact, when its partner US Foods, Rosemont, Ill., ran into a bind with a customer, Hertzog stepped up and filled the order with its premium, whole muscle blend hamburger patties. A burger restaurant in the Kansas … Read more

Food prices see highest increase since 1979 — and this key staple is up nearly 40% on last year

Food prices continued to rise in August, putting pressure on lower- and middle-income households in particular. Food to prepare at home rose by 13.5% in the month compared to last year, the highest rate of growth since March 1979, government data show. The rise in the cost of living was 8.3% year-over-year in August. Food, … Read more

Campbell Soup Co. sees more consumers switch to private label in condensed soup and broths

On a yearly basis (12 months ended July 31, 2022), net sales increased 1% to $8.6bn while volumes fell 6% compared to FY21. While most of its key brands including Campbell’s, Campbell’s Chunky, and Pacific Foods, remained at or slightly above FY19 market share levels, the company’s soup portfolio (while still growing) has lost some … Read more

Value, convenience to be top of mind for consumers this holiday season

Busy shoppers have a lot on their minds during the holiday season, while many are also looking to stretch their dollars. To help deliver on shoppers’ appetites for holiday fare such as hams and roasts, retailers must strategically support consumers’ budgets and capture their interest in value added meats. Those retailers who are successful have … Read more

Is It Okay to Eat Impossible Meat Raw?

Photo: Michael Vi (Shutterstock) It’s one thing to order your meat rare, but it’s a whole other question when the “meat” on your plate never started out mooing. For those who enjoy an extra rare protein, is it possible to enjoy that same level of doneness when eating plant-based meat alternatives? Restaurants often have warnings … Read more

Zero-Waste Kitchen, Whole Foods Sued Over Antibiotics In Meat, And Two More Batali Settlements

I recently decided to test out one of those Instagram-advertised boxes of grass-fed meat, and modern shipping delays rendered it all defrosted by the time the meat arrived on my Manhattan doorstep. So what did I do? I cooked. I cooked like I was racing against myself in my own Food Network competition. I could … Read more

Flexibility for the future | MEAT+POULTRY

There likely aren’t many people in Perham, Minn., who don’t know about Tuffy’s Pet Foods and KLN Family Brands. And most likely consider the Nelson family a household name. After all, it was almost 60 years ago when Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson started Tuffy’s Pet Foods with just 13 employees in the Minnesota lake country community. … Read more

How to Add Protein to Your Emergency Food Storage Plan

A food storage pantry stocked with rice and canned vegetables is still incomplete if it doesn’t contain enough protein to maintain your health and the health of your loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s possible to become malnourished on the typical food storage checklist found on many survival and prepper websites if it doesn’t contain enough essential … Read more

‘Truly astonishing’ innovations afoot in alternative proteins, after you sort through me too products

“I think a lot of people have seen what’s happened with Beyond Meatand oatlyand the downward revisions of the financials, and they’re wondering if plant-based and alternative proteins are here to stay,” ​says Johnny Ream, partner at Stray Dog Capitalwhich has invested in multiple firms in the meat, dairy, and egg alternatives space. “We absolutely … Read more