Global food shortage leaves local nonprofit high and dry | News

A humble one-story, one-room building—the current Mercy Meals base of operations—exhibits an unassuming exterior. And yet, within its four walls are housed the means and motivates to provide for millions in need across the world. A local nonprofit dedicated to administering food to children and families in impoverished and in-crisis nations across the globe, the … Read more

Office Cats Laid Off as Companies Close

Zhaocai is out of a job. Two months away from the office and locked down at an unfamiliar apartment, he’s withdrawn into himself, becoming more suspicious of strangers. He spends much of the day sleeping, or keeping to himself quietly. At night, he gets into bed and mewls for attention. Zhaocai is part of a … Read more

Save the Vegan Soldier

Oleksandr Zhuhan did not give in. Engaged in the army to defend his country against the Russian invasion, this 37-year-old Ukrainian maintains a strictly vegan diet even on the front lines. “At the beginning, it was very complicated”, explains this 37-year-old dark-haired man, enlisted in the Mikolaiv region (south), who does not eat any food … Read more