Is Cereal Soup? Let’s Look at the Evidence

Photo: Linda Studley (Shutterstock) We have bravely asked many notable public figures if a hot dog is a sandwichand by and large, we have come up with the answer: No(?), a hot dog is not(?) a sandwich (probably). The question will forever remain in contention as compelling counterarguments are made for its sandwich-ness. But the … Read more

I Am My Dog’s Emotional Support Animal

Photo: Getty (Getty Images) “Have you tried the Manchego?!” I desperately yelled to my husband from the floor of the hallway, where I was lying draped over our 50 pound dog, crying into the plastic cone he had around his neck to stop him from licking a horrible, unhealing wound on his paw. We would … Read more

The Difference Between Thai Food in America and Thailand

Photo: Anansing (Shutterstock) My ideal night in: a glass of wine, extra spicy Pad Thai with mock duck, an order of spring rolls, and a romantic comedy. I’ve been hooked on Thai cuisine since I was young, having grown up in Queens. Given that New York City houses Thai restaurants on nearly every street—thanks in … Read more

Hawaii Does Hot Dogs Differently

The first time I landed on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i, I felt something new. The island is awash in breath-snatching beauty, from beaches, mountains, valleys, and the scenic Waimea Canyon, but what struck me was how the air was charged with a sense of something like reverence, has visceral feeling of cultural pride and … Read more