5 wild animals that tolerate the cold

How do some animals resist the cold? Is it the result of nature or of strategies put in place? Le Figaro offers you a selection of non-domestic animals that resist the cold. Great cold, very negative temperatures, frost. Some wild animals have to face very cold or even freezing weather conditions. Small selection of animals … Read more

Mexican hairless dog: origin, size and character

The Mexican hairless dog was considered a sacred animal by the Aztecs. Muscular and hairless, this pet with an atypical physique is ideal for families. Of a racy appearance, the mexican hairless dog is a pet with a balanced temperament. Always quick to play and naturally enthusiastic, he makes children happy. His origins The naked … Read more

how to protect your tree from the attacks of your cat?

By Le Figaro Published just now, Update just now It is possible to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree, with a few tricks. Adobe Stock Does your cat take pleasure in playing in your Christmas tree and knocking down your decorations? However, having a beautiful tree to celebrate the end of year celebrations … Read more

Wildlife Conference Boosts Protection for Sharks, Turtles

By KATHIA MARTÍNEZ, Associated Press PANAMA CITY (AP) — An international wildlife conference moved to enact some of the most significant protection for shark species targeted in the fin trade and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers are being decimated by the pet trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of … Read more

How is a puppy weaned?

When is weaning done? What is the risk of weaning too early? How to take care of an orphan puppy? The answers of Dr. Chloé Lacroix, veterinarian. Weaning a puppy is an important milestone, causing upheaval in your pet’s life. When is weaning done? Weaning, by definition, corresponds to the moment when the puppy can … Read more

Why we should all eat Kimchi and other Korean fermented foods

A recent Fermentation journal study reviews various traditional Korean fermented foods for their biological functions, production, and future contribution to global wellness. Study: Fermented foods of Korea and their functionalities. Image Credit: PAPA WOR / Shutterstock.com Common Korean fermented foods Food is fermented by microbial biochemical reactions, during which organic substances are synthesized or decomposed … Read more