Save the Vegan Soldier

Oleksandr Zhuhan did not give in. Engaged in the army to defend his country against the Russian invasion, this 37-year-old Ukrainian maintains a strictly vegan diet even on the front lines. “At the beginning, it was very complicated”, explains this 37-year-old dark-haired man, enlisted in the Mikolaiv region (south), who does not eat any food … Read more

should it be better to give them kibble or mash?

According to a magazine survey I’m interested on the diet of our four-legged friends, “one in two cats is overweight and one in three is obese”. Does this mean that the industrial food for animals is not suitable? “Not necessarily, because all the same the life expectancy of our companions has increased a lot in … Read more

Is your cat or dog too big? Some tips to help him get back in shape

A dog that is too big is not a healthy dog. A dog that will stay with you for less time. And it’s the same with a cat. So if the animal that shares your life is overweight, don’t wait. There are ways to help him get back into shape without major strains or deprivations. … Read more