China’s COVID protestors, censors play cat-and-mouse game online | Social Media News

Taipei, Taiwan- Chinese internet users and government censors are engaged in a cat-and-mouse game to control the narrative around the country’s anti-“zero COVID” protests. Protests began in Urumqi, the capital of the far-western Xinjiang region, on Friday following the deaths of 10 people in an apartment block fire before spreading over the weekend to major … Read more

Frozen, canned and bakery products biggest APAC winners amidst inflation and economic uncertainty

It is no secret that factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Ukraine-Russia crisis have contributed to rising inflation all over the world, including in the APAC region – Analytics firm GlobalData has estimated average overall consumer price inflation in the region at 3.6% in 2022, with India leading the pack at … Read more

H5N1 Avian Influenza virus: Implementation of a temporary control zone / News / Home

H5N1 Avian Influenza virus: Implementation of a temporary control zone Updated on 23/11/2022 Following the discovery of a pink flamingo infected with the H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus near the Scamandre pond in Vauvert in the Gard, the prefect of the Gard issued an order determining a temporary control zone ( ZCT) with a … Read more

Soaring food prices hit Thanksgiving dinner plans | Business and Economy News

Instead of buying all of her Thanksgiving meal in one fell swoop, Rebecca Raymond has purchased components of the feast here and there, each week, to keep her costs down. Raymond, 48, lives in Montgomery in the state of New York with her husband and son. She has been unemployed since January, though she is … Read more

Rising food costs take a bite out of Thanksgiving dinner

In early November, Hays Culbreth’s mother sent a poll to a few family members. She said she could only afford to make two sides for their group of 15 this Thanksgiving and asked them each to vote for their favorites. Culbreth guesses green beans and macaroni and cheese will make the cut, but his favorite … Read more

A ‘perfect storm’ has more Canadians surrendering pets. Here’s how to help – National

As the cost of living continues to increase across the country, more and more Canadians are surrendering their pets — and shelters are beginning to reach capacity. “The economic stress that’s coming, and is getting worse, is putting people at risk of not knowing what to do, where to turn and how to get help, … Read more

Why margarine, butter prices jumped 32%

Jeff Greenberg | Universal Images Group | Getty Images Cue the collective gasp of chefs, bakers and foodies: Food prices are up considerably — but none more so than for butter and margarine. Prices for these ingredients and spreads jumped 32% in September versus a year ago, the most among all grocery categories, according to … Read more

Want employees to come to the office? Pick up their laundry and welcome their dogs | Business

LOS ANGELES — In L’Oréal’s plush new West Coast headquarters in El Segundo, workers are pampered by a concierge who will fill their cars with gas, pick up their laundry, retrieve their dogs from day care or do any other task employees want. Personal and professional chores are fulfilled for $5 an hour, freeing employees … Read more

Despite the freezing of Russian goods and the increase in the price of fuel, the ports of Antibes did not experience the crisis

Despite the freezing of certain Russian goods and the increase in the price of fuel, the summer has obviously been good for the ports of Antibes. But difficult to compare with the previous ones, because the last two were marked by the health crisis. At Port Gallice, activity started earlier than usual, from the Cannes … Read more

Colorado’s Polis faces feisty challenge in bid for 2nd term

DENVER (AP) — In his campaign for a second term as Colorado’s governor, Democrat Jared Polis has had to fend off attacks by GOP challenger Heidi Ganahl on his pandemic record, surging crime and the fentanyl crisis — topics that dominated clashes between the two in multiple forums and debates leading up to Tuesday’s midterm … Read more