Dog, cat… How to have an animal when you are vegan?

“ We can consider that the fact of raising animals for recreational reasons, of having possession of their person, of imposing our company on them for our sole pleasure, of locking them in a restricted space […] relates to animal exploitation. » In his book Vegan planet: think, eat and act differently (ed. Marabout, 2017), … Read more

Avian flu is (also) decimating seabirds

The season promised to be extraordinary for the Platier d’Oye nature reserve. At the beginning of spring, more than 3,000 sandwich terns, rare seabirds in France, took up residence in this area bordering the North Sea, in Pas-de-Calais. A figure unmatched for years. But in May, these migratory birds, recognizable by their ruffled black crest … Read more