What is this mysterious-looking creature in Tarrant County?

A “chupacabra” was spotted in a Grapevine backyard on June 16. Steve Cooley Grapevine resident Kim Cooley first spotted the animal that looked something like a wolf or a dog from her kitchen window last Monday evening, while it walked across the backyard. The next day she spotted it right in the middle of her … Read more

Future of the Lunch Salad Is Unpredictable

Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist Much has been written about the “sad desk salad”—that compostable bowl of chopped greens that you, eyes fixed on a screen, quickly puncture with a fork and gobble up in-between emails. Perhaps I’m just nostalgic for pre-pandemic life, or am choosing to ignore the throes of American capitalism, but … Read more