Like Humans, a Dog’s Odds for Dementia Rises With Age | Health

FRIDAY, Aug. 26, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Much like humans, dogs can develop dementia as they age — and that risk climbs by half with every extra year of life in a dog’s golden years, new research shows. The study, of more than 15,000 dogs and their human companions, found that just over 1% had … Read more

Learning from a 4-legged furry critter |

“The more time I spend around others, the more I like my dog.” I’m not sure who penned this quote, but it actually contains some logic. If there’s anything in this world that unconditionally accepts you the way you are, however that looks, it’s your dog. Jim Fiebig shared, “If your dog thinks you’re the … Read more

Service dog handlers say pet dogs causing issues in local stores | Local News

CHEYENNE – Service dog handlers in Cheyenne say they feel unsafe in some local stores because of an apparent unwillingness to regulate the behavior of pet dogs. These handlers, who use service dogs specifically trained to perform tasks related to disabilities, said in interviews with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that this alleged hesitance to remove … Read more

California dog owner sues to keep city from putting down Zeus

Until late Thursday, Faryal Kabir and her lawyer expected Elk Grove city officials to euthanize her 15-month-old German shepherd on Friday after months of effort to save Zeus, who has been accused of what Kabir says were minor nips by the dog at two people. The event was expected despite a tearful plea to the … Read more

Gas Chamber Controversy: Green River animal control supervisor defends gas chamber (Part 2) | Rocket Miner

GREEN RIVER — As tensions rise between animal advocates and the city of Green River, regarding the use of carbon monoxide when euthanizing an animal, animal control supervisor Tracy Wyant defended the use of gas chamber euthanasia. “Until you are here, you have no idea what goes on,” said Wyant. “I’ve been called sadistic and … Read more

Australian Cattle Dog: origin, size and character

This purebred dog, intelligent and sociable, particularly needs to exert itself. Considered an excellent herding dog, the australian cattle dog is an endearing animal with a great intelligence. Moreover, he demonstrates an overflowing energy on a daily basis, asking his master to share walks and other physical activities. His origins The Australian Cattle Dog is … Read more

West Virginia’s fourth certified therapy dog ​​arrives at Pineville Elementary | News

By Mary Catherine Brooks CNHI News W.Va. Pineville Elementary School rolled out the red carpet for River, a certified therapy dog, during a “Pup Rally” last week. The 10-month-old yellow Labrador retriever took center stage with Wyoming County East High School band and cheerleaders providing fanfare. Wyoming County Board of Education members, administrators, and several … Read more

Watch now: Animals seized in Callands earlier this month ‘in good health’ | Local News

Pittsylvania Pet Center overwhelmed with animals since seizure of more than 70 animals at Callands home CHATHAM — Animals seized in Callands on Sept. 6 should be available for adoption from the Pittsylvania Pet Center in just over a week. Pet center director Brent Weinkauf said the facility has been inundated with calls from people … Read more