Pet food industry stock market revenue peaked in June 2021

Pet food industry stocks reached higher peaks in 2021 than the year before, but performance wasn’t consistent throughout the year. Analysts with investment bank Cascadia Capital observed that 2021 revenues from an index of publicly traded pet food companies, including Nestlé, JM Smucker and FreshPet, beat out figures from 2020. Yet, those pet food company … Read more

MPs propose a law to rest in peace with your pet

Thirty deputies want to authorize pet owners who wish to be buried with the funeral urn of their former life companion. To be buried or cremated with his pet dog or cat to rest in peace with him. This is the subject of a bill published Thursday in the Official Journal and co-signed by 27 … Read more

Your dear pet, rather an asset of seduction or a love breakup factor?

Whether you have a dog or a cat, your little fur ball could serve you well. But it would also be much more important in relationships. Can your animal really help you seduce? Or on the contrary, lead to a rupture? We cover the subject here. Dog or cat, your four-legged animal would have a … Read more

The cat’s quarter of an hour of madness: how to react?

Game, excitement or hidden anxiety: the famous quarter of an hour of cat madness often leaves feline lovers speechless. Is this moment of madness normal in cats? How to react and what to do if your cat attacks you? Explanations. This frenzy phenomenon occurs in the vast majority of cats, including the quiet ones. They … Read more

all about the Official Book of Feline Origins

The Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) is a register listing cat breeds. This is the only genealogical book dedicated exclusively to felines in France. the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) lists in France about sixty breeds of cats with varied morphologies. Beyond the physical, there is also the specific behavior of each race. … Read more

Westminster dog show has new focus on veterinarians’ welfare

NEW YORK (AP) — The dogs get the spotlight, but the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club show is also illuminating a human issue: veterinarians’ mental health. In conjunction with a first-time Veterinarian of the Year award that will be presented on the show’s final day Wednesday, the club is giving $10,000 to a charity focused on … Read more

how to reduce your dog’s poop by 66%

Dog food is not well assimilated, which forces animals to eat more and produce more excrement. The solution: homemade! You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] What if our dogs never understood that every sound of a word counts? Dogs are generally presented as sensitive and attentive, loyal and intelligent beings. Animals endowed with all … Read more

The saluki: origin, size and character

Also called “Persian greyhound”, the saluki is a solid and playful dog who loves dog sports. Belonging to the greyhound family, the saluki is a slender breed of dog, with a particularly graceful and elegant physique. Fringed or short-haired, the one also called “persian greyhound” is distinguished by a balanced temperament, an athletic silhouette, a … Read more