Is your cat sick? How to recognize early signs of illness in your feline friend

Cats are known to be mysterious and it takes a bit of time before you begin to decode the intricacies of their behavior and what brings them comfort. However, once you get past the initial barrier, your feline companion could be a joy to be with and a source of great comfort. Cats are independent … Read more

Ukrainian powerlifter champion helping to save lives of animals amid war

Russia has bombed or fired missiles at Mykolaiv, Ukraine, on all but a few dozen days — a frequency unparalleled in any other Ukrainian city. It’s caused the deaths of some pet owners, and thousands have fled, reluctantly leaving behind their animals who now endure the war alone. Former powerlifter Anna Kurkurina has never left … Read more

‘Depressed’ Cat Goes Viral, Finally Gets Adopted During Thanksgiving

Fishtopher the “depressed” cat went viral after a Twitter user shared screenshots of his Petfinder profile. A Baltimore couple told Insider they drove two hours and waited in the cold to adopt him. Now they’re using his social media popularity to bring attention to other shelter animals. This story originally appeared on Business Insider. Courtesy … Read more

And the carbon impact of our pets is equivalent to…

In a world marked by global warming, we are increasingly vigilant about our environmental impacts. Thus, certain activities and behaviors are, rightly, increasingly singled out: air travel, use of combustion engine cars, hunting, etc. However, this vigilance suffers from blind spots: ecological impacts that are real, but that we never talk about, surely because we … Read more

Kearney Rescue Cats is the cat’s meow, works to reduce population of stray, feral cats

Police are searching for a serial cat killer who has poisoned 30 stray felines and dumped them in a village in Thailand. Officers found the rotting corpses inside five sacks buzzing with flies when locals complained about the smell in Nakhon Pathom province on Nov. 9. The creatures reportedly lived at an abandoned house next … Read more

NY pet stores beg Hochul to veto puppy sales ban

Pet shop owners fear New York state will take a big bite out of their bottom lines if Gov. Kathy Hochul signs legislation banning their sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in order to fight animal abuse. “Eight-five percent of our business is puppies so you make it illegal for pet stores to sell pets, … Read more

Thanksgiving Can Be Poisonous For Pets

A Knoxville, Tennessee family almost lost their golden retriever pup, Pippa, last Thanksgiving after she consumed rising bread dough. The dog became lethargic and landed in emergency care, where veterinarians fed her ice chips to stop the dough from rising in her stomach. Eventually, Pippa passed the dough on her own, avoiding surgery. But her … Read more

Several Cities in China Report Deliberate Acts of Dog Poisoning – That’s Shanghai

Throughout November, there have been an increasing number of reports of unknown people throughout China purposefully planting poisons in order to harm and kill other residents’ dogs. On November 4, one woman in Chengdu, Sichuan province told local media that while walking her two dogs within the boundaries of her local community both pets swallowed … Read more

Study finds letting your cat go outdoors puts them at high risk for catching diseases

NNA | Updated: Nov 21, 2022 23:29 STI Washington [US], November 21 (ANI): You might want to reconsider the next time you open your backdoor to allow your cat to go on its daily adventure. The outside holds a lot of unfavorable potential for cats. Like the dangers of contracting and spreading diseases, as well … Read more

Therapy Animals in Hospitals: Preventing Infection Risks

Hospitalized children may be scared and uncertain, and therapy animals can help ease their insecurities. But what is done to protect the humans—and the animals—from infectious diseases? There is no question that pets provide a multitude of therapeutic benefits, to patients and medical staff alike. Many kinds of animals can be used as therapy animals—dogs, … Read more