Which pet to choose?

By Le Figaro Posted on 06/25/2021 at 10:38, Update on 08/31/2021 at 10:40 Which pet to choose? Go to slideshow (7) Adopting a pet is like welcoming a new member into your family. This involves many responsibilities and concepts to know. How to choose your pet? Which breed to choose? It is important to choose … Read more

Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover

Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover Go to slideshow (5) Intelligent and energetic, terriers are particularly popular, especially for hunting but also with the family. But how does this category of dogs stand out? What are the most famous breeds? Jovial and players, the terrier dogs are good companion dogs. From the Jack Russell terrier … Read more

The Pet Shop: Calendar of events | Blog: The Pet Shop

Get information, stories and more at The Pet Shop blog at www.greensboro.com/blogs. Send events to people@greensboro.com. Wellness Clinic: 10 am-2 pm second Saturday, RCSPCA Building, 300 W. Bailey St., Asheboro. Wellness checkups, skin and ear checks, heartworm tests, pet weighing, microchips, vaccines, preventative medicine. 704-288-8620 or info@cvpet.com. Megan Blake Dog Training Classes: 4:30 p.m. Sundays, … Read more

MPs propose a law to rest in peace with your pet

Thirty deputies want to authorize pet owners who wish to be buried with the funeral urn of their former life companion. To be buried or cremated with his pet dog or cat to rest in peace with him. This is the subject of a bill published Thursday in the Official Journal and co-signed by 27 … Read more