Why margarine, butter prices jumped 32%

Jeff Greenberg | Universal Images Group | Getty Images Cue the collective gasp of chefs, bakers and foodies: Food prices are up considerably — but none more so than for butter and margarine. Prices for these ingredients and spreads jumped 32% in September versus a year ago, the most among all grocery categories, according to … Read more

Instagram and TikTok’s newest pet influencers are cloned cats and dogs

Grief-stricken pet owners who can’t bear to say goodbye to their four-legged friends are driving the latest crop of influencers on social media: cloned cats and dogs. Kelly Anderson said she was devastated when her 5-year-old cat, Chai, unexpectedly died in 2017. “I’ve never really even had a relationship with a human like I did … Read more

Charlyn Fargo Ware: How to Eat Healthy with Skyrocketing Food Costs | Your Health

Most of us are painfully aware that food costs in the past year have risen. A survey by The Hartman Group found that 85% of consumers feel the pinch in their pocketbook. More than half of those people say rising prices have impacted their ability to purchase foods, beverages and other grocery items “at least … Read more

Carl Icahn snaps up shares of canning giant Crown. Here’s how he may build value

photo | Tetra Pictures | Getty Images Company: Crown Holdings (CCK) Business: Crown Holdings is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of packaging products for consumer goods and industrial products. They operate in three segments: Beverage, which accounts for roughly 70% of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization; Transit Packaging and … Read more

Lee Pickett: Tick Talk and Indoor-Outdoor Cats | Four-Legged Friends and More

Q: I rarely find ticks on my indoor-outdoor cats, so I assume they groom any ticks off their bodies before they become embedded. Does this mean I don’t have to apply a tick preventive? HAS: Your cats may indeed be grooming most of the ticks off their bodies, though I frequently see ticks on cats’ … Read more

Gates-backed C16 Biosciences uses yeast to create palm oil substitute

Shara Ticku and David Heller, co-founders of C16 Biosciences. Photo courtesy C16 Biosciences. In July 2013, Shara Ticku traveled to Singapore on a work trip for Goldman Sachs. The investment bank made her bring N95 masks to protect her from the terrible air quality at the time. “I land in Singapore, and the air quality … Read more

Dr. Hilary Quinn: Ear Infections Common Ailment for Dogs and Cats | Four-Legged Friends and More

As a veterinary general practitioner, I see and treat a little bit of everything. Dog with tummy problems? We’ve got you covered. Kitty needs dental work? No problem — let’s get that scheduled. Puppy needs her shots? Done and done. But what do I see more than anything else? Skin and ear disease. In fact, … Read more

Latest news from Russia and the war in Ukraine

Missile strikes hit major Ukrainian cities, including capital Kyiv A series of missile strikes hit major Ukrainian cities on Monday morning, with the capital Kyiv and cities to the northeast and south being targeted, according to regional officials. Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram that part of the capital had been “cut off” by … Read more

Bonnie Franklin: Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in Case of Emergency | Four-Legged Friends and More

Santa Barbara County residents have seen their share of disasters, and many of these emergencies have had major impacts on our pets. I’m in the process of completing an American Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary First Responder Certificate, and the program has taught me so much about what pet owners can do to prepare and react … Read more

This bear market is getting long in the tooth — here’s what is changing

Something’s happening. You can feel it. The down days, as painful as they are, seem more muted. The up days show a dearth of supply. Most important: When we get through earnings, we will have plenty of companies buying back shares and, more than ever, it might matter. If there is not much “above,” meaning … Read more