And the carbon impact of our pets is equivalent to…

In a world marked by global warming, we are increasingly vigilant about our environmental impacts. Thus, certain activities and behaviors are, rightly, increasingly singled out: air travel, use of combustion engine cars, hunting, etc. However, this vigilance suffers from blind spots: ecological impacts that are real, but that we never talk about, surely because we … Read more

How Leafcutter Ants and Other Culinary Creatures Prepare for a Feast | Smithsonian Voices

In the tropical forests of Central and South America, leafcutter ants retrieve fresh plant material that serves as the fodder for a complex suite of fungal gardens tended by the colony. Andreas Kay, Flickr Each year at Thanksgiving, humans stock the table with the fruits of a successful harvest. However, few people can prepare a … Read more

5 birds that tolerate the cold well

Some species of birds are resistant to low temperatures or can live easily in cold environments. Le Figaro invites you to discover 5 of them. Cold tolerance, migration, hibernation. Some birds are able to withstand winter, cold, even extreme cold. Others have found the parade by migrating. As for the Common Nightjar, it hibernates. These … Read more

All about how birds migrate, with explanations from Nature Nièvre

The bird is equipped for the journey. Its very sophisticated breathing apparatus is suitable for flying at altitude, its feathers protect it from cold and rain. Depending on the species, moulting (the renewal of feathers) takes place before, during or after the journey. The heart is proportionately twice as large as in mammals. Whether short … Read more

In the Pas-de-Calais, avian flu still affects wild birds as much

Sn the beach of Blériot, a stone’s throw from Calais, no less than four corpses of seagulls and gulls lie on the hot October sand. It was at the very beginning of the month and since then it is still not uncommon to come across a bird carcass. The cause ? Bird flu. Since this … Read more

Half of bird species in decline

Nearly half of the bird species are in decline in the world and one in eight is already threatened with extinction. This is the conclusion “deeply disturbing” drawn up by the latest report from the NGO BirdLife International which publishes, every four years, the state of bird populations throughout the world. According to the organization, … Read more

Emperor penguins at risk of extinction due to climate crisis

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — As Antarctica’s emperor penguins are increasingly threatened by the climate crisis, the flightless seabirds will receive new protections under the Endangered Species Act, or ESA. With global warming melting the sea ice the … Read more

Lucky ducky owners reunited with rare pet that drew birders to Harlingen

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For a couple weeks, a rare mandarin duck drew people in flocks to Pendleton Park. Colorful and splashy, he waddled, swam and preened before birders and photographers who came to sneak a peek of the exotic fowl before it had a chance to fly off — or rather, to duck out. … Read more

Young bird may have set distance record by flying non-stop from Alaska to Tasmania

A bird has flown non-stop, apparently, from Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania. And now this young bar-tailed godwit — a member of the sandpiper family — appears to have set a non-stop distance record for migratory birds. It flew at least 13,560 kilometers — or 8,435 miles — during that flight, a bird … Read more

Avian flu: the virus changes its seasonal rhythm

HOPE IN ZOOLOGICAL PARKS However, the epidemic is not devoid of consequences for human beings. In addition to causing the death of many poultry, the slightest case of infection also implies the slaughter of the entire farm concerned: a dramatic economic loss for breeders in the current economic context. The H5N1 virus also represents a … Read more