Is a pond fish a pet? Our article on the reform of pet shops has generated a lot of reactions…

Published on 06/19 at 4:21 p.m. By Pierre Nizet Our article this Saturday devoted to animal welfare in Wallonia and the reform of pet shops has generated a lot of reactions. Not very positive… ** * *********** ********** ********** ************** ** ********** ** ******* *** ******* ********** *********** * * ****** ** ********** ******** ***** … Read more

A bill to ban the use of live callers receives the Jules-Michelet prize

The 30 Million Friends Foundation, partner of the University Diploma in Animal Law at the University of Limoges (87), has awarded the Jules-Michelet Prize to a reform proposal relating to the ban on the use of live decoys in the practice of waterfowl hunting. A look back at its challenges with the author of the … Read more

Faced with green algae in Brittany, the measures pile up without stopping the phenomenon

While nitrate levels have fallen thanks to policies implemented since the 1990s, they are starting to rise again in the Ctes-d’Armor. The Eau et rivires de Bretagne association is again taking legal action. For some forty years now, the issue of green algae has been the poisonous reverse side of the postcard of a Brittany … Read more