3 ways to improve your health through your gut microbiome

CNN — Bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites in your gut? It may sound like the stuff of nightmares, but this collection of microbes is actually a health necessity, experts say. Called the microbiome, it consists of the millions of organisms that live in us and on us, said Elizabeth Corwin, vice dean of strategic and … Read more

Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover

Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover Go to slideshow (5) Intelligent and energetic, terriers are particularly popular, especially for hunting but also with the family. But how does this category of dogs stand out? What are the most famous breeds? Jovial and players, the terrier dogs are good companion dogs. From the Jack Russell terrier … Read more

dogs think like children!

“Beasts of science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A parenthesis to marvel at the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s go back to the one that is most certainly closest to us: the dog. We … Read more

Summoned to court by his neighbors who deemed his dogs too noisy, this breeder from Garéoult won his case

Between the crowing of the rooster or the bells of the cows, the smell of manure or the noise of tractors at night, farmers are more and more often singled out by their neighbors, even attacked or brought to justice. A sheep breeder from Garéoult has just had this experience. And if the judge dismissed … Read more

Squirrels Could Make Monkeypox a Forever Problem

In the summer of 2003, just weeks after an outbreak of monkeypox sickened about 70 people across the Midwest, Mark Slifka visited “the super-spreader,” he told me, “who infected half of Wisconsin’s cases.” Chewy, a prairie dog, had by that point succumbed to the disease, which he’d almost certainly caught in an exotic-animal facility that … Read more

Office Cats Laid Off as Companies Close

Zhaocai is out of a job. Two months away from the office and locked down at an unfamiliar apartment, he’s withdrawn into himself, becoming more suspicious of strangers. He spends much of the day sleeping, or keeping to himself quietly. At night, he gets into bed and mewls for attention. Zhaocai is part of a … Read more

Three animals to adopt and a call for donations from the SPA de l’Eure

Faced with the high heat of the past few days, dogs and cats at the Évreux shelter also need a helping hand. Kenzo, tender and strong ” Hello everyone ! My name is Kenzo, and I’m a big baby born in 2018. I’m a sweetheart, like all the original staff. I was decategorized even though, … Read more

Bloody Toll of Mexican Criminals’ Fixation on Exotic Pets | World News

By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican narcos’ fascination with exotic animals was on display this week after a spider monkey dressed up as a drug gang mascot was killed in a shootout, a 450-pound (200 kilogram) tiger wandered the streets in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit, and a man died … Read more