Scientists mobilize in front of the Assembly to train deputies in climate issues

Can discussing half an hour with climate specialists be enough to raise awareness among parliamentarians? This is the bet currently taken, in front of the Bourbon Palace, by 35 scientists and the collective For an ecological awakening.

Are bad political decisions in environmental matters the result of a form of ecological ignorance or of informed and assumed political choices? To answer this question, it is necessary to go through a harmonization of knowledge in terms of climate and biodiversity among all the deputies.advances La Falco, member of the collective For an ecological awakening. Then, we will know that parliamentarians who do not act in favor of the environment do so fully in their soul and conscience. This is the bet launched on June 20, the first day of investiture for the new elected members of the National Assembly by the former deputy and new director general of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), Matthieu Orphelin, the climatologist and co-author of the last IPCC report, Christophe Cassou, and supported by the student association.

Bringing legislators into contact with researchers

No one is supposed to ignore the law, nor climate change, biodiversity or ways to act to improve the situation., hammers the former parliamentarian. Accompanied by 35 scientists, including several co-authors of IPCC reports, he wishes to combat ignorance through dialogue and mediation. He invites curious deputies to go under a white barnum a few steps from the Palais Bourbon to meet, for half an hour, researchers eager to pass on their knowledge of the current and future environmental situation. Although climate change is taking place on a global scale, it also manifests itself on a local scale, for example on the scale of a constituency in which each deputy is elected.notes Christophe Cassou. Our reverse voluntarist approach, available to MEPs rather than at their request, will thus be used to better adapt their questions in this regard.

Each deputy then emerges from this first aid training with a series of documents: reports from the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (Iddri), the Climate Action Network (RAC) and the Institute of Economics for Climate (I4CE) as well as summaries of three latest IPCC reports concocted by For an ecological awakening and a calendar of the next legislative opportunities at the environmental level. This formation, obviously not enough attests La Falco, has so far only been attended by around fifty deputies out of 577. Among them, elected officials from La France insoumise (LFI), such as Danielle Simonnet, from Paris, and Mathilde Panot, from Val-de -Marne, accompanied by their leader Jean-Luc Mlenchon, as well as representatives of the presidential majority, Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (Renaissance, Benelux), Sacha Houli (Renaissance, Vienna) and Charles de Courson (Marne, Centrists). With this desire to name and shame systematic, we simply want to value the deputies who come to get information and encourage their colleagues to do the same, reassures Matthieu Orphelin, who points out that Marine Le Pen and the National Rally have, for example, declined the invitation. A full review of the operation, Wednesday, June 22, will reflect whether or not the possibility of a repeat for the senatorial elections in 2023.

Training elected officials, a new method of action?

However, this initiative is not an isolated attempt to raise political awareness of environmental issues. She is also part of the crowd of the participatory and scientific workshop implemented in Bordeaux, last May, by La Fresque du climat, with the nine candidates for the Gironde legislative elections. This is the first time that candidates from all political parties have participated togetherattests the association the origin of this training.

It is necessary to go through a harmonization of knowledge in terms of climate and biodiversity among all the deputies

La Falco, For an ecological awakening

The Parisian operation imagined by Matthieu Orphelin and Christophe Cassou intervenes, moreover, following a forum of twenty climate experts convened by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, last April. The call for the establishment of a government seminar hours (divided into five four-hour modules), made compulsory for every member of the government and for the Head of State himself, was recently followed by a letter to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, and a petition in his favor signed by more than 70,000 personalities. At the start of this forum was the refusal to believe that the ecological insufficiency of the previous five-year period was due to a lack of courage, or worse, a lack of convictionssay the authors in their letter. The signatories of the forum affirm that with training at least of twenty hours, it is possible to obtain a sincere and deep sensitization.

Article published on June 21, 2022


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