Robot mowers: a real danger for wild and domestic animals

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Robot lawnmowers: a real danger for wild and domestic animals

FOUR PAWS warns against these machines which regularly mutilate hedgehogs and other creatures present in the gardens

Zurich, June 20, 2022 – The gardening season is in full swing and robot lawn mowers are increasingly being used. Not only do they relieve the gardener or gardener of the tedious task of mowing the lawn, but they also work more and more precisely. Unfortunately, they are sometimes a mortal danger for wild animals, but also for overly curious pets.

“Injuries and cruel mutilations of animals are commonplace and can have a fatal outcome,” explains Dominik del Castillo, biologist and campaigner at FOUR PAWS Switzerland. Hedgehogs, in particular, are very often the first victims, because: “They don’t run away, but roll up into a ball in case of danger. Either they die immediately or they suffer extremely serious injuries.

From the point of view of animal and species protection, robots unfortunately have another major disadvantage: they also deprive the hedgehog of its basic food. Insects, arachnids and snails do not find favorable living conditions on a permanently mowed lawn or are themselves chopped up by the robotic lawnmower. Amphibians, a strictly protected species, also get caught in the blades, as do lizards and other reptiles. Biodiversity is permanently reduced.

These robots can also be dangerous for pets. Dominik del Castillo therefore advises not to let the dog, cat or any other pet out of the garden under any circumstances when the robot is working.

In general, FOUR PAWS recommends that animal lovers either refrain from robot lawn mowers or use them only under close supervision: “It is best to only use the robot during the day and keep the device at the eye. In addition, before each use, it must be ensured that no animal is on the lawn, ”advises the expert.

But other dangers await wild and domestic animals during the gardening season. “In addition to lawnmowers, it is also brushcutters that are very dangerous for the inhabitants of our gardens, because their sharp blades cut very close to hedges,” adds Dominik del Castillo. He also warns against drowning in garden ponds, against the windows of half-open cellars, which can become deadly traps, as well as against the risk of injury run by dogs carried away by their hunting instinct in the garden.

The preferred option from the point of view of animal and nature protection is to have a natural garden, in which birds and small wild animals find food and protection.

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