PetWellClinic enters 8-unit deal in Louisiana

These breakthrough wellness practices will offer convenient, affordable care while providing veterinary professionals with sustainable careers and an enhanced work-life balance.

PetWellClinic—an up-and-coming pet-wellness franchise—has signed an 8-unit agreement in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The unique walk-in practices will offer affordable, convenient preventative pet care including general check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment of minor ailments and chronic conditions.

According to a company release, the multi-unit agreement was signed by Ed and Betsy Erb, veterans of the US Army and US Air Force respectively. The Erb’s signed the agreement with PetWellClinic following 10 years in the military and another decade working in corporate positions to prompt a new chapter in their professional lives.

Currently, Betsy works as a part-time veterinary assistant while applying to veterinary school. Ed and Betsy have a passion for public service and felt inspired to bring PetWellClinic’s vital pet care model to a community in need of an affordable, easily accessible option.

“We came to Baton Rouge on a temporary assignment, but we fell in love with the area and decided to settle down here,” disclosed Ed. “Over the last few years, we had been searching for a new business opportunity. Eventually, we decided to invest in something that would combine our love for our community with our love for pets. With PetWellClinic, we knew we could make a difference by providing pet owners with quality, essential services.”

PetWellClinic’s preventative care services allow owners to meet their pets’ needs to avoid health complications down the line. Its services help pet parents determine potential risks promptly while granting them high-quality care at an affordable price.

Exact locations have not yet been selected for the initial Baton Rouge clinics, but the Erbs are starting to evaluate the area with the mission of eventually expanding into New Orleans, according to the company. With strong community connections, a part-time dog training business, and adjacency to veterinary schools, Ed and Betsy are ready to recruit well-suited clinic team members.

A practical option for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in search of a sustainable career, the PetWellClinic model provides the opportunity for 8-hour workdays and simplified services—no overnight or double-shifts or emergency surgeries.

“At our clinics, we provide quality care to our pet patients, but beyond that, we pride ourselves on the work-life balance we offer to our veterinarians,” says Sam Meisler, DVM, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic.

“With manageable work hours and streamlined services, there aren’t any stressful surprises,” added Meisler. “Our vets can focus more on their patients with the added benefit of leaving work ‘at work.’ PetWellClinic fosters an environment of care and kindness and that starts with our own staff.”

Additionally, each PetWellClinic location employs a proven veterinary software program developed by Meisler to run efficiently. The locations were designed for total transparency and openness, so clients can witness everything that happens at the clinic.

PetWellClinic joined forces with Oakscale, to helm franchise development efforts for the brand.


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