My groomer must obtain my dog’s “consent” during haircuts – otherwise

He’s a ruff customer.

A Reddit user who claims to be a dog groomer has shared an email allegedly from a difficult woman looking to get her “rare” dog groomed for the first time.

“My name is Susan and I am looking for a groomer for my dog ​​who can groom him in the non-confrontational way that I think is best for him,” began the note, which recently resurfaced as it circled again. Reddit.

“Dooley is an 18 month old Bernowdoodle (if you’re not familiar with the rarer doodle breeds he’s a Bernese Mountain Dog/Chow/Standard Poodle) and this would be his first haircut as I haven’t couldn’t find a groomer willing to work within the parameters I believe.

The difficult customer said she had a rare species of doodle breed.
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Susan explained that Dooley’s hair was seven to eight inches long. She said she wanted to remove one to two thumbs “everywhere”.

“While I’m sure any groomer could easily handle the haircut, I struggle to find a groomer willing to wait for them to consent to every part of the grooming,” she added.

“He’ll consent by maintaining eye contact with you while you work, and if he looks away, he’s withdrawing his consent, and you’ll have to stop until he grants it again.”

As an added challenge, Susan demanded that her dog not be “leashed in a tub” or “forced into a crate” during the living room experience, as she doesn’t believe in anything that would be “psychologically uncomfortable.”

The email was shared on Reddit, much to their chagrin.
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“As I understand not everyone is as fluent in his language as I am, I would prefer that I stay and watch his grooming to make sure you don’t miss anything he says to you,” he said. – she continued.

“Dooley will need a bath, blow-dry, brush-out (he may have a few small tangles but they’ll be easy to brush out) and a full standard haircut.”

To top off the nearly impossible request, Susan insisted on a tight time frame.

“My schedule is very busy so the appointment can only take two hours maximum,” she alleged.

“Based on the reviews I’ve read online, I think you’re the perfect groomer for Dooley. Please let me know when would be the best time to bring him.

Young yellow and cream labradoodle
The client would not allow her puppy to be “tethered” to a leash attached to the tub or a crate during the dog’s appointment.
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Some Reddit users rolled their eyes at the paws’ particular request. One Redditor even claimed to know the so-called groomer, proclaiming the email was a “combination of a lot of clients she had, some of which I was even there for.”

“I remember the email she got about the dog she would only be allowed to groom if she had the dog’s consent,” the user said over the summer.

Other Redditors had a blast in the comments.

“The rarer doodle breeds are where I started to moan. Eye contact/consent is where I had trouble breathing,” one commenter yelped.

“Just reply ‘lol’,” another simply advised.

“As a canine behaviorist with a degree in canine behavior and 15 years of experience working with reactive dogs…this is the type of owner who turns their dog into a mess,” Dr. Dolittle offered. “I’ve had clients like that. They reinforce their dog’s insecurities.

“I’m all for cooperative care, but if you’re going to do all the eye contact/chin cup/whatever consent signal you’re going to have to do the grooming yourself,” another suggested.

“No groomers have time for this, or if they did it would cost hundreds because they could only do one dog a day,” the user added.

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