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Invoxia has set up a Scientific Board bringing together the greatest international specialists in animal health.

With them, Invoxia wants to reshuffle the animal health cards.

Invoxia has set up a Scientific Board made up of a veterinarian from the National Veterinary School of Alfort and a biogerontologist from the University of Washington in order to push back the limits of animal health. About to launch Smart Dog Collar, the first biometric collar for dogs unveiled at CES 2022, Invoxia puts its know-how at the service of pet health. The Scientific Board will support the company in the valorization of the biomarkers collected by Smart Dog Collar and in the design of future products and services. The latter is equipped with an unprecedented “sensor fusion” technology, a combination of ultra-innovative sensors including a miniaturized radar, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. Thus, Smart Dog Collar monitors the respiratory and cardiac constants of dogs, and alerts in the event of an anomaly. These innovations applied to animal welfare will revolutionize the understanding of animal health and announce a truly preventive medicine.

With Smart Dog Collar, Invoxia offers monitoring over long periods of vital signs and daily activity thanks to non-invasive connected health sensors. By collecting unprecedented data on health, invoxia wants to push back the limits of understanding animal health.

A scientific board made up of eminent members…

Invoxia constitutes a Scientific Board composed of very high international profiles with a veterinarian specialized in cardiology and a gerontologist expert in pathologies linked to the aging of dogs. Thus, the start-up surrounds itself with professionals, each with recognized medical expertise on these themes, which are at the heart of the technologies developed by Invoxia.
Dr. Valerie Chetboul currently directs the Cardiology Unit of Alfort and is particularly an expert in heart disease screening. She is a member of many international expert committees in the discipline of “veterinary cardiology”. She is the only clinical teacher-researcher at the French National Veterinary Schools – and the only woman – to be ranked in the top 1% of the most cited authors in their discipline (ISI Web of Knowledge, Plant & Animal Sciences).

Dr. Valérie Chetboul declares : “The technologies mastered by Invoxia have the potential to democratize the monitoring of key physiological parameters in dogs, with in particular a capacity for early detection and monitoring of the most common cardiovascular risks. As a cardiologist veterinarian, I am very happy to discuss with the engineers of this company and to participate in its scientific board, in order to support it in its developments, and thereby contribute to the improvement of canine health. . »

Dr. Daniel Promislow is a biogerontologist at the University of Washington and co-directs the “Dog Aging Project”, a research project that seeks to determine the biological and environmental causes of aging in dogs, and how to ensure a healthy lifestyle for them. The project is funded by the NIH, the NSF and the Ellison Medical Foundation, among others.

Aficionado of using technology to better understand the health of our dogs, I saw in Invoxia’s projects a very promising approach that I am happy to support as a member of their scientific committee.“says Dr. Daniel Promislow

The complementarity of the different specialties practiced by each member appears to be a major asset for Invoxia, which will thus benefit from a broader scope of expertise in understanding animal health.

…to advance veterinary medicine!

Thanks to its knowledge and expertise in veterinary medicine and geriatrics, the scientific committee will provide all the expertise necessary for the development of Invoxia products and a whole range of new services for the preservation of animal health. In addition to ensuring the relevance of the algorithms, this new board will offer scientific reliability to the startup, complementary to the technological component that it already masters. The scientific board will thus support Invoxia in the identification of new biological markers linked to various diseases, thanks to the collection of health data on dogs carried out by Invoxia’s connected objects, on a daily basis and over the long term. Essential data to support veterinary research, the analysis of which will make it possible to go further in the prevention of canine pathologies and to develop the services offered by Smart Dog Collar.

This scientific committee will also support Invoxia in the identification of key partners for the exploitation of the data collected (like research subjects), thus positioning the startup as the cornerstone of animal health.

For Amélie Caudron, CEO of invoxia: “As a specialist in connected objects boosted with artificial intelligence, our rapprochement with the largest international veterinarians opens up new doors for us both for veterinary research and for the detection of new biomarkers. »

Smart Dog Collar: a biometric collar…

Invoxia has developed a multitude of sensors, therefore a miniaturized radar associated with artificial intelligence algorithms which are the subject of patents. The radar sensor makes it possible to detect micro-movements of the skin whatever the characteristics of the coat. Thanks to AI, the collar will then dissociate the “parasitic” vibrations in order to provide directly intelligible information such as the normal state of the dog and its respiratory and heart rate at rest. Identifying abnormalities allows early detection of diseases.

which will make it possible to reinvent animal health

A tool for detection, monitoring and prevention, the Smart Dog Collar is a connected collar that makes it possible to identify and monitor pathologies in a simple, intuitive and continuous way. Whether active or at rest, this biometric collar can, for example, monitor post-surgical recovery, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment, heart disease, or chronic respiratory difficulty. On the Invoxia application, this data can inform and alert the owner and be transmitted to the veterinarian. This is particularly useful for animals that need regular monitoring of their heart rate and respiratory rate during rest periods.

Perfectly suited for medium to large dogs, the location of these sensors ensures reliability even through thick fur. The weight distribution has been finely calculated to provide optimal comfort whatever the dog’s activity.


Elegant and refined, Smart Dog Collar will be available in several colors. Resistant to water and dust, it can of course be washed if necessary.

The Smart Dog Collar will be available late fall 2022.

About Invoxia

Invoxia is a leader in connected objects with embedded AI. The company designs and markets a range of innovative trackers, particularly dedicated to pets. Discreet, lightweight and equipped with patented technology, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is the first intelligent biometric collar capable of measuring the dog’s respiratory and cardiac health, and monitoring its back and forth in real time, for several weeks. Elegant and comfortable, this preventive health tool allows early detection of diseases even before the first symptoms appear. Invoxia has used tens of millions of animal health data collected in 3 years. Invoxia is also at the origin of a B2B offer and an Innovation Lab which supports large groups in the development of innovative connected objects. Invoxia is a French company created in 2010 which has a head office in France and offices in the United States and China.

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