Hungry and sick, this stray cat decides to trust a couple who will help him change his life

By inviting himself onto the property of a couple of volunteers, a senior street cat was unaware that this was going to change his life. After a first eclipse, Granpruno broke with wandering for good.

A couple living Montreal noticed an elderly and visibly hungry stray cat wandering into their backyard. Stephen and francis thought he looked like one of their felines named Pruno. So they decided to call it Granpruno.

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The animal was gentle and friendly, and easily approached. Granpruno was looking for cuddles and was happy to have attention. He went to the couple as soon as they called him “, recount Celine Crom from the Association Montreal Orphan Kittensat lovemeow.

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Given his behavior, his hosts thought he had a family. They then got into the habit of leaving him food and water every day. The cat visited them regularly for the next few days, before mysteriously disappearing.

The absence of Granpruno lasted several weeks, then one evening, when Stephen and francis were taking out the garbage cans, they saw him rummaging through the garbage. Seeing them again, the quadruped came running towards them, clearly relieved and happy to find them. However, he seemed thin and in bad shape.

This time they brought him inside. Now they knew he had no home. Hungry, Granpruno gulped down the meal they gave him, then rested all night.

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The day after, Stephen and francis took the cat to the vet, who estimated his age at 9 years old and discovered that he had hyperthyroidism. His condition then gradually improved thanks to the treatment.

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A kitten in a senior cat’s body

He returned to Steph and Francis, and immediately found his place in their bed. He loved other animals and was friendly to everyone “, noted Celine Crom. Very affectionate, endearing and talkative, he seduced everyone with his character, as well as his habit of ” roll over onto their back for tummy rubs and chase feathered toys like a kitten “.

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The couple were only supposed to keep him temporarily, as a foster family, but eventually, Stephen called Celine Crom to tell him that she and her companion wanted to adopt him permanently. Their interlocutor says she cried with joy when she heard about it.

Granpruno is now healthy and happy with her new owners. He had had a hollow nose on his way to their house…

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