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You will start Horse Club Adventures by customizing your character and mount. The synopsis is simple: your friend Hannahalso a rider, invites you and your horse to spend a holiday with her group of friends: Sarah, Lisa and Sofia in the countryside. You will settle in Hannah and his family during this getaway. At the end of your two week vacation, a horse racing tournament will be organised. Will you be the big winner?

The power of friendship

The story of Horse Club Adventures could come out of an episode of Full gallop but a bit more mature, here the girls seem a little older while remaining good-natured teenagers. The scenario does not break three legs to a duck but it is true that it is pleasant to be lulled by a simple story breathing friendship, fresh water and… the horse. On the other hand, if mention is made once again of “muffins and smoothies from Saddles & Cups“, I throw my Switch out the window. And yes, because when you go on vacation in the countryside in the countryside, the various city activities are rare and since there is only one cafe in all this countryside, you will hear about these damn smoothies at least 25 times a day.

Besides, I hope for you that you are not allergic to turns, U-turns and returns. Here, there is no practical teleportation point from one key location to another (well no, the game would be over in five hours…), everything is done on horseback. And so that’s how you’ll spend the vast majority of the game: on horseback moving from place to place. Sometimes you’ll quickly talk to an NPC or have some on-foot interactions that will vary the gameplay slightly when you need to find things (or humans!) lost in an area. Unfortunately there too, Horse Club Adventures get lazy: often the items won’t even be really modeled and you’ll just see a yellow circle glowing where the quest item is. Strong point for the quest where you have to find the lost cats, which this time are truly drawn and which will require you to climb a pile of logs to find one. This change in gameplay was very appreciable, however, given the problems of object collisions, for example, we understand the limited number of activities to be done on foot.

A country adventure

To spice it up a bit, you can discover photography points during your walks or collect clothesalso accessible as quest reward. However the different collectible are scattered in different places on the map, and these are places you will only visit occasionally if ever. Indeed, the quests Horse Club Adventures only asking you to move from point A to point B, in the end it will be useless for you to go to an unexplored place in the area, especially since they are often deserted. Moreover, since the game relies on the pleasure of horseback riding, more varied or pleasant settings would have been preferable, but the graphics remain honest and the colors are very bright, a common palette for games aimed at a young audience. It is nevertheless extremely unfortunate that the player does not have mini-map to orient. Indeed it will be necessary to consult the map each time one wishes to go somewhere in order to know which path to take, not very practical on horseback! We will also note the redundancy of having at the end of each day the obligation to go and speak to tom who will then let us bring back hay and then water to our horse’s paddock.

The Horse Club Adventures characters are not extremely developed (don’t expect tragic backstory) but to compensate for this they have character traits that are sometimes a little weird: tori is introduced as a kind of “nasty”, or rather minx, but we don’t really know why? Unless being made up and rich is a crime… Sarah As for her, she has as one and only center of interest the sheep. Yes it’s quite special and almost obsessive because it’s literally the only thing that interests her, she will even ask us to go home alone so that she can observe the sheep for a few more hours… Why not.

Watch out for sabotage

The controls used are sometimes surprising. In the menus and even everywhere else in fact, say goodbye to the directional keys, everything is done with the analog pad which leads to a crucial lack of precision when, for example, you have to navigate through the customization submenus and the pad keeps sliding towards the mother dividers when you try to choose a color. B to continue the dialogue instead of the usual A which is nevertheless used for all other interactions and when the text scrolls too slowly, it is impossible to press B for it to be displayed entirely, the B key at this time making it go directly to the text bubble next. In addition, the vertical axis is automatically inverted without the possibility of modifying this, visibility would therefore have been facilitated with a completely fixed camera but here it is controlled with the right analog pad which significantly impacts the playability of Horse Club Adventures at the beginning. Fortunately, we will quickly get used to this eccentricity and we will hardly have to touch the camera anymore.

Horse Club Adventures will also offer you different racing grounds but these will be optional (quite surprising when you know that the final event of your vacation is a horse race in which you participate) and not very interesting to practice: it will be enough to maintain Zr to gallop and continue to advance when the stamina bar is recharging, you will also sometimes need to jump to avoid some obstacles. The races will be terribly long (for example 5 minutes to beat for an easy mode) which will quickly make you want to train. To take care of your horse, you will have to brush it and clean its hoovesit is very regrettable that the developers did not think of using the touch screen of the Switch which would have been perfect both in terms of immersion and fun.

What is your feeling about this?

Horse Club Adventures, get your whips!

  • A little soft but honest gallop – 70%


A little soft but honest gallop

You have to put back Horse Club Adventures in its context, it’s a game oriented for a younger audience but it seems to target a very specific bracket: more mature than for children, more naive than for teenagers, we could classify it in the bracket of games for teenagers prepubescent. It is a rather scientific formulation but which allows us to situate ourselves; the game is either too simple and gnangnan: repetitive quests and without reflection, scenario in rose water or a little difficult to take in hand for a child with older characters (and therefore themes that do not concern him so much).

Despite the difficulties encountered to fit right into the category sought, Horse Club Adventures tries all the same to simplify the life of the player and offers a story, ultimately, quite interesting. Several times I found myself eager to know what the various mysteries sprinkled throughout Granny’s side quests would reveal. It is above all a good breath of fresh air that we take with Horse Club Adventures which will allow us to dream for a few moments and indulge in a little silliness ; a short break that breaks pleasantly with the thankless tasks of everyday life. Unfortunately, the game could have been even better if the few technical problems spoiling the decor a little had been resolved.

The +

  • An adventure that breathes the good life
  • Lots of customization
  • Quests that make you want to know more

The –

  • Lengths in completing quests
  • Controls not optimal

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