General Manager Clémence Delestre shares her passion for entrepreneurship with us

In 2020, you take on the role of general manager of Croquetteland. What motivated you to join the ranks of this company?

Since my first experience at Yahoo! 15 years ago, I never left the e-commerce sector. I took over the management of different teams, all very digital, in financial services and then in retail* and I led various transformation projects.

I even had at heart, at one point in my life, to launch my own business in the animal sector. I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment and I was very quickly infected. Digital and entrepreneurship are 2 very important drivers for me.

When I arrived home Crossroads in 2019, I took responsibility for the alliance CrossroadsGoogle for all of the Group’s countries. It was still a very digital mission with a strong innovation, data and tech component. I also had the chance to work alongside an extraordinary manager, who allowed me to develop my strengths, grow and better understand what made sense to me.

Entrepreneurship quickly returned to the center of discussions with adventure Croquettelandan asset that Crossroads had acquired in 2016 and on which there were real strategic issues. On August 31, 2020, I left my position at Massy to install myself in the offices of Croquettelandat Lyons.

* Retail.

Clémence Delestre, General Manager at Croquetteland

Concretely, what does your mission consist of?

The first responsibility entrusted to me was to audit the company, by precisely analyzing the levers that could be developed quickly and by proposing a short-term optimization and restructuring plan (18 months maximum). Then comes the phase of acceleration and growth. A resizing of the teams as well as a strengthening of certain key skills proved necessary.

One of the challenges was to find the right talents, to attract them and to retain them, since certain areas of expertise were sorely lacking. I also paid particular attention to the atmosphere and the collective energy, because the state of mind and the mind are one of the keys to success. Without this and a solid rope spirit, nothing can progress successfully. At the house of Croquettelandpeople have a beautiful soul and want to change things, that’s what makes all the difference.

Then, on a daily basis, it’s about setting the course for the teams, motivating and reassuring. And it is also and above all to ensure that our Customers are satisfied – without this there is no good growth. It’s a long-term job that requires taking care of the smallest detail, every day, and across our entire e-commerce chain: from the site, through logistics operations, our suppliers and the availability of our products, our marketing and sales strategy, our IT and our customer service.

If I had to summarize, my role could be likened to that of a conductor who sets the pace.

Illustration of the article: “At Croquetteland, people have a beautiful soul”: General Manager Clémence Delestre shares her passion for entrepreneurship

“At Croquetteland, people have a beautiful soul”

The “petfood” market sees many more men than women at its head. How did you manage to find your place?

Fortuitously at Croquetteland, there are many more women than men. I was brought up with the notions of “work” and “merit”; I am convinced that regardless of gender, you always succeed when you do your best and stay aligned with your values. As a woman, it’s important to realize your full potential because we can achieve great things.

By being hardworking and having confidence in our strengths, we can achieve anything. This has always been my leitmotif. Today, Croquetteland it’s an adventure full of meaning that feeds me every day.

Illustration of the article: “At Croquetteland, people have a beautiful soul”: General Manager Clémence Delestre shares her passion for entrepreneurship

A team of animal lovers

What are the values ​​defended by Croquetteland?

Simplicity, proximity and expertise. When we write product sheets on the site of Croquetteland or blog articles, we do it in a simple and educational way so that it is accessible to everyone.

Next, we want to develop our communities and get closer to them, as well as to our Customers. We often organize round tables with them when we plan to launch a new feature on the site. Also, my email address is listed there. Thus, Internet users can write to me directly if they have a specific question.

Finally, our job is to offer a range of relevant products at the right price. Pet owners have the opportunity to contact Sophiaour veterinary assistant, and Myriam, our veterinarian. We are currently considering how to expand our team of experts, while offering direct, simple and free communication.

Illustration of the article: “At Croquetteland, people have a beautiful soul”: General Manager Clémence Delestre shares her passion for entrepreneurship

Croquetteland fights against the abandonment of pets

The French are more and more sensitive to the animal cause. Does your company, which specializes in pet nutrition and health, go beyond the scope of its function with the taking on of new commitments?

The 30 people who work at Croquetteland are simply crazy about animals! (Laughs.)

When I joined the adventure, the company’s objective was to distribute products with as much proximity, simplicity and expertise as possible. But a question has been raised: beyond all this, what can we do for the animals? After careful consideration, we found that abandonment brought us together and revolted us all. We have realized that the crisis sometimes accentuates this phenomenon.

I remember the story of a young woman with a seasonal job in the mountains and an imposing dog. Due to Covid-19 and confinements, she was forced to return to her parents. However, the place was not conducive to the reception of such an animal, requiring a lot of space and freedom. So she took him to a shelter.

Our role is not to judge people, but to accompany them whatever the situation. Croquetteland designed boxes and welcome guides to promote responsible adoption. Sophia and Myriam are very available and create live videos. Our team is also considering a system ofadopt-school to try to help new pet owners.

We have set up partnerships that are dear to us, for example with Canidelite (dog training) or even Borrow my doggie (dog sitter). These commitments allow us to promote animal welfare and fight against abandonment. Others are under consideration…

Illustration of the article: “At Croquetteland, people have a beautiful soul”: General Manager Clémence Delestre shares her passion for entrepreneurship

“The 30 people who work at Croquetteland are simply crazy about animals! »

@Malcolm_the_akita, social media star, joined the team in 2018 as a muse. Can you tell us more about this partnership?

This year, Croquetteland got closer to Yoann Latoucheagency manager YLGand of May Chan Koung who works with him. In 2020, our ties have grown considerably stronger. Today, May and his American Akita are part of our family.

Former sports champion May has a spirit, an energy and a force that are literally in line with the values ​​promoted by our company. She’s a beautiful person and she lives with a beautiful dog. Frankly, she gives us good advice. @Malcolm_the_akita is much more than a muse.

Since its launch more than 20 years ago, your e-commerce site has never stopped evolving and innovating. What initiatives have marked the history of Croquetteland and what are the projects to come?

3 major stages have marked the history of Croquetteland. The 1time concerns the birth of the company in 2000. At that time, 2 veterinarians who founded a site in the service of animal well-being and offered specialized food there, it was unprecedented. This departure perfectly characterizes the rest of the story. Today, we still have this DNA, that is to say the veterinary expertise, the specialization in nutrition and animal welfare.

Come next May and Malcolm in 2018, with the desire to create a community, work with ambassadors and bring us closer to Customers. It was precursory, but we hung on and today in addition to May and Malcolmwe work daily with some twenty ambassadors, spokespersons for Croquetteland and exchange daily with our Customers live on the networks.

Finally, we come to the massive restructuring phase, with the launch of our new brand identity and our new website in January 2022.

As for the next steps, we want to strengthen our role as a daily multi-specialist partner; further optimize our distribution, assortment and services. We are entering an acceleration phase, where animal welfare will be more than ever at the center with a significant strengthening of veterinary expertise.

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