ELMUT: fresh food for healthy dogs and cats

Far from traditional offers such as kibbles and pâtés for dogs and cats, Elmut offers a unique offer on the canine and feline food market.

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Just like humans, animals need to eat quality food to be healthy.
Just like humans, animals need to eat quality food to be healthy.

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Lhe brand is currently the only player on the market to cook and deliver fresh meals for dogs and cats at home. Elmut’s mission? Offer a healthy alternative to processed products to ensure better health for our pets. An interview with Maxime Cadin, CEO of Elmut.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a range of fresh meals for dogs and cats?

It was the loss of my own dog and the debates around abuses within the canine food industry that led me to ask myself questions. So I did something I had never done before: I looked into the composition of the kibble packets. After much research and reading of scientific studies, I realized the importance of food to keep your pets healthy, and above all, the poverty of the offer on the market. So I decided to get into the preparation of fresh meals for dogs.

I first started by cooking for the animals around me in Paris. Faced with growing demand, today 10 people have joined the Elmut team in Paris and in the West of France. To offer the best possible products, I called on professionals from the canine world, including specialists in canine and feline nutrition who graduated from the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort.

What is the difference, in terms of nutritional intake, between Elmut fresh meals and croquettes or pâtés?

Just like humans, animals need to eat quality food to be healthy. The offer of croquettes and pâtés is uneven and does not meet, on the whole, this criterion. If the solution would be to cook homemade meals for his pets, it takes time. Especially since it is not always easy to compose balanced bowls for them with good nutritional intake.

Croquettes and pâtés are generally very low in meat, which is essential for our companions. On the contrary, these products are very rich in cereals or legumes, preservatives and additives, and are composed only of processed meats. If we take the example of pâtés, they are cooked at more than 100 degrees which strongly degrades the vitamins and nutrients present.

Our Elmut fresh meals, on the other hand, are made with ingredients that could be used for the preparation of our own meals, and which are also easily digested. For example, we source our meat directly from the south-west of France and the meals are cooked under vacuum at low temperature.

How can Elmut Fresh Meals improve the health of our pets?

To determine the range best suited to the needs of each dog, we base ourselves on half a dozen parameters such as breed, age, castration or sterilization, physical activity, etc. In addition, thanks to the good composition of our products, it is possible to quickly observe changes in pets. Our customers report that in just 2 to 3 weeks, their pet’s coat becomes shinier and they scratch less.

The animals’ digestion is improved and they sometimes no longer need to go out to relieve themselves as frequently as with traditional kibble, for example. Dogs are also sometimes more playful and have greater vitality from a general point of view. Some of our customers also tell us that since their animals have been using Elmut products, visits to the vet are less frequent. Both the animals and the masters find themselves there, both from a health and financial point of view in the long term.

Elmut very recently released a range of fresh meals for cats. Why did you choose to create a range for these animals?

It is the craze for our fresh meals for dogs and the demand from our customers that has pushed us to bring out a range of fresh meals for cats.

You should know that in addition to the problems encountered by dogs, cats have difficulty meeting their daily needs in terms of hydration with kibble. Lack of hydration promotes kidney stones and cystitis, which promote long-term kidney problems. Our cat meal range, on the other hand, is based on a fresh diet that is 70% water.

With more than 7 million dogs and 15 million cats in France, the demand for food for our pets is significant. While traditional products such as croquettes and pâtés still have their place on the market today, there is however an increase in demand for healthier animal feed. According to veterinary studies, a dog fed with homemade meals would live 3 years longer than a dog fed with croquettes or pâtés. We can therefore expect that fresh products, such as those of the Elmut brand, will take up more and more space in the animal feed market.

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