Discover the 5 most frequent risks of domestic accidents in pets

As we know, domestic accidents are the most frequent. This is true for humans, but it is also true for our pets. So, if you want to protect your dog or cat, it is better to know the dangers that await him at home or in the garden. Here are the top five home accident risks for pets.

This list was drawn up by Agria, an animal insurer which, in a press release, warns:

“Domestic accidents are a very frequent reason for consultation in veterinary emergencies. The reason ? Curious by nature, pets are attracted to smells, outside noises or novelties that can represent a potential danger. It is therefore imperative, as with children, to secure your home in order to ensure the safety of the cats and dogs of the family.

Risk number 1: poisoning

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“All year, reminds Agria, we use products that can be toxic to our pets. Among household products, bleach is one of the most frequent poisonings. In particular in the cat which, attracted by its ammonia smell, will lap up the diluted bleach at the bottom of the sink and thus cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes.

Other points of vigilance: rat poison (second cause of intoxication in cats and dogs after pesticides) and drugs (especially paracetamol which represents the 4th reason for intoxication).

The board : “Place your dangerous products at a height or under lock and key (bleach, pesticides, medicines and in particular those containing paracetamol)”.

Risk number 2: ingestion of an inappropriate food

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“In their daily lives, dogs and cats have many opportunities to taste food that is not intended for them.”

Be careful, especially as Christmas approaches, not to leave chocolate, foie gras, turkey bones or alcohol lying around: these foods are very bad for the health of your pets. Do not subject them to temptation.

Advice : “Keep away from truffles any dangerous food. Don’t give in to the temptation to please him. Christmas periods: watch out for foods that are harmful to your animals: chocolate (which can be fatal), foie gras, turkey bones, potatoes…”

Risk number 3: ingestion of a foreign body

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“Whether they are big or small, dogs and cats like to gnaw and eat all kinds of things: socks, plastic toys, electric wires, wooden objects, stones… If the situation can make you smile, it can also turn sour. drama.”

Possible consequences: digestive disorders, intestinal obstruction or perforation.

The board : “Put away anything that might attract their curiosity (plastic toys, wooden objects, electrical wires…)”

Risk number 4: falls

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“Our companions, especially puppies and kittens, are curious truffles who like to discover their surroundings without always being aware of the danger.”

This curiosity can lead dogs and cats to dangerous terrain (windows, balconies, fences) and cause falls with serious consequences.

The board : “Secure your openings, stairs and water points. Be careful not to leave a cat with a tilt-and-turn window alone in a room.”

Risk number 5: Burns and electrocutions

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“Burns are much more common than you think, because the occasions are multiple. There are various factors that can cause injury to your animals: fire, iron, hot plates, fireplace, pot of boiling water, chemicals (bleach, caustic soda, paint, etc.) or electrocution due to chewing electrical cables (hair dryer, power outlets…).”

Advice : “Have common sense like with your children. Store your electrical cables. Put on socket covers.”

Bonus: four reflexes to know in the event of an accident

  • Call your veterinarian, emergency service or poison control center
  • Identify the product/object in case of poisoning or ingestion
  • Don’t do anything that could make the situation worse
  • Take your pet to the vet

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