DC Krypto Super-Dog: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

Gamer friends!!! You who dreamed and waited impatiently for a Superman or Batman game on the beautiful Switch, and why not even the port of the Arkham trilogy, be delighted, because this expectation and this dream has finally come true. Well, that’s what we hoped for in our wildest dreams. Because yes, gamer friends, open your eyes wide and get ready to cry, because the only thing that Warner and DC will offer us will be the adventures of Krypto the superdog in a game that will look more like Superman 64 than anything else. . At least, our dear little blondes will be delighted to find their favorite character in a game featuring the most famous canine superheroes currently in cinema. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s put on our super tights, our cape and set off to discover Metropolis and on the way let’s not forget our croquettes.

A story that lacks fangs

Everyone knows Superman, but did you know Krypto the superdog. Yes and no and then to tell the truth we don’t care a bit, because even if you are an avid reader of comics or fans of cartoons that have just been released on the big screens, it’s a safe bet that you won’t find your account in the imitation video game adaptation of the animated film. But good for the more adventurous, here is roughly the pitch of the game. Lex Luthor the terrible villainous multi-billionaire struts about in armor worthy of Buzz Lightyear. His new terribly treacherous plan will consist in capturing all the stray or abandoned animals in order to lock them up in a zoo, to establish this infernal plan he will call on an army of robots which will set the city of Metropolis on fire and blood.

Faced with this terrible affront, the SPA goes to the front and calls on the greatest of superheroes, the Paw Patrol!! Uh, not bad game / universe, but we wouldn’t say no to a shared universe, the Animal Cinematic Universe. Alright, come on, let’s get serious for a moment and get back to our awesome pantyhose clad pooches. Who says Lex Luthor, says Metropolis, and therefore, therefore, Superman. But then where is this bastard !!! Well to tell the truth, we don’t really know and once again we don’t care, because anyway, nothing is really explained in this game. The only important element is that we will embody here his faithful furry friend, Krypto accompanied by his friend Ace, a dog version Batman. That’s the end of the scenario. Ah and of course, no cutscene to accompany all this, not just texts which, in case, for people who cannot read, are fully dubbed in French. Moreover, one still wonders where the dubbers were fished, because the latter apparently do not know how to read a fucking text themselves. Not only do we have horrible dubbing that just says an alternate version of the text, but on top of that it just feels like we have one and only one person just changing their pitch of voice and basically just reading us purely and simply a piece of paper placed before his eyes. In short, the scenario of this game is served to us like a piece of shit on a plate, it is presentable, but absolutely disgusting.

Crypto 64

Having an insignificant scenario to chew on is not enough for us. No we are professional to the end and still give the game a chance, after all if the scenario of a game was the whole game, then the good games would be counted on one hand. Let’s go back to our sheep, or rather if necessary to our doggies. Our furry friends, endowed with superpowers, will therefore have to save their poor animal friends from a terrible zoo. As soon as the game launches, we will have a welcome screen with a map of Metropolis. This map will be divided into three areas, for each area of ​​this map we will have 5 game levels, for a total of 15 levels. These famous levels will take place in the city and our canine hero will fly over the streets like a superman, shooting his laser beam at anything that moves and looks naughty. On this point, the game offers us what we want from the action. We control the choice of Krypto or his friend Ace, apart from the aesthetic side of the thing, and even a dog remains a dog, there is not much that will change in relation to this choice. We still control a super dog in a 3D environment, which will use its laser beam to destroy the enemies in front of it and Lex’s inflatable balloons definitely making us think of a big Buzz Lightyear.

The gameplay is clear, simple and quick to learn, we advance, we shoot, we avoid obstacles and we use our special attacks. Késako of his special attacks? When we are going to choose between our 2 characters, we will also have the choice between 3 powers. His powers will already be there to give us a choice of a small attack, speed or protection bonus. In a second time, they will also be there to stage the fellow travelers of our heroes, a Green Lantern, a Flash and a Wonder Woman, all in animal version of course. Well, let’s skip the details, because frankly there is nothing really folichon to get your teeth into. His famous powers will of course be unlocked and for that nothing could be simpler, it will be enough to complete an area in order to unlock the next power. To sum up, the game is just a simple big corridor spanning 15 levels each lasting a little less than 10 min, yes the game will only last 2 hours, it’s short, terribly short for a whole game likewise sold at 40€. Yes, dare we say it, we are literally kidding ourselves, of course, the game was made for kids before, but releasing a game with such a short lifespan these days is a real sacrilege. This very short lifespan can still be increased, a minimum for players who are not really comfortable in this kind of gameplay or for whom the game would present a level of difficulty a bit too high. Good for our part, we finished the game in 2 hours, and that while losing only 3 times during the whole game.

SPA hello

The game tries to be good by promising us lots of great things, including being able to improve the powers and health of our heroes through skill points. Again, we’re not going to hide it, it’s a nice scam, each skill point will be earned at the end of each level, which means that in just 2 hours we have already completely completed the skill trees of our characters.

Apart from this nice scam, we will also of course have a game mode where we will have to take care of the stray animals that we will have saved on our way. In fact, this game mode comes in a kind of card deck in which we will have a part for animals and another for humans wishing to adopt these adorable little animals. To do this, we will already have to feed or play with the small abandoned animals. For that it will be enough just to select among 3 choices, an object. If at the start, we really took the time to take an interest in it, we quickly discovered that no matter what choice we made, in the end, it didn’t change anything at all, a bar of happiness materializes and once met, the animal is suitable for adoption.

Well, how is this famous adoption going. Well again, it will be about the same as filling our animal’s happiness gauge, it will just be enough to find the right character from a small selection who will be able to take good care of the animal. But again, although initially we took the time and care to carefully read the descriptions of each character, we soon realized that no matter the choice, adoption was accepted and adopted as the adopter was happy. But in the end, what does all this tell us? Well, that’s not yet the question we’re asking ourselves, because apart from very artificially inflating the lifespan, it doesn’t bring any bonus or even nothing at all. Certainly, we fill a gauge with each successful adoption, but once it is filled to the maximum, it does not move and we can continue again and again the same pattern to have the animals adopted.

In short, it’s unnecessarily long, it’s boring and on top of that it’s useless. The only positive point in this game mode, well at least it’s beautiful, the cards have a very nice rendering and this inevitably contrasts with the rest of the game.

Hell, but my croquettes are disgusting!!

Let’s move on to the last step, the graphics and the soundtrack. For the graphics part, only the adoption game mode comes out with the honors, because for the rest, the game is ugly. Be careful, the game is not buggy or blurry or runny, no it’s just ugly, because the game has no real artistic direction. The whole game is simply content to make us tirelessly cross 15 levels by making us believe that the scenery changes a minimum, but we are not fooled. We really cross 15 large corridors that are totally identical and sorely lacking in charm.

What about the enemies who barely manage to renew themselves throughout the 15 levels. Finally only the 3 bosses concluding the 3 zones will be a bit different from the rest and again. For the audio part, well frankly it’s not better, in fact it’s even worse. If we have already mentioned the fact that the texts are dubbed by a person who apparently does not know how to read or transcribe emotions and tones, we can also add to the offenses the fact that our hero only knows 3 or 4 lines and we repeat them every 2 mins. In the long run, we only want to cut the sound altogether, especially since the music, well we think there are several, we’re not really sure since this last seems to repeat itself over and over again.



  • May appeal to youngsters…
  • We laugh a little bit with the terrible dubbing…
  • Adoption mode very nice graphically
  • Lex Luthor looks way too much like Buzz Lightyear
  • The 3 bosses


  • To the youngest the less demanding
  • But only a little bit it gets boring too quickly
  • One or more music we really ask ourselves the question
  • Levels that all look alike
  • Enemies that lack diversity
  • The horribly short lifespan
  • The price of the game
  • The script on a PQ sheet
  • Adoption mode bringing absolutely nothing
  • No difficulty

Note detail

  • Graphics

  • Gameplay

  • Getting started

  • Soundtrack

  • Lifetime

  • Difficulty

  • Script

  • Translation

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